Air Pollution in Airports


This post has been written by Md Altamas Zaheer Ali, 1st year student of Amity Law School, Chhattisgarh

Air pollution is a major issue. It has been increasing day by day. Airport air pollution is also a major problem which people are not giving much attention to it. Aircraft emitting huge pollutants gases like oxide of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides. It threats to the health of the people who are residing nearby the airport. They suffer a lot of problems. At the time take-off and landing, there is a huge emission of Co2.

The main reason for the pollution is the quality of fuel and engine of planes which matters a lot.The government should take steps towards this problem which is rising regularly then only we will have pollutants less.They should find an alternative solution other than fuel. Aircraft create a lot of noise pollution which is dangerous to the old adage people.

The study has found that the people who are residing near the airport they are suffering much such health issues. They are experiencing it at a very high rate of respiratory problems because of the emission of hazardous toxic gases from the planes. Due to this, there is a rising of global warming up to the next dangerous amount of gas released by the planes it will generate 43 gigatonnes of global warming.

It has been assuming that till 2050, the earth will consume so much of pollutant gases that 5 % of carbon budged. Aircraft Emits a staggering amount of Co2 that is spreading a man made green house gas.

It was assumed that by 2020 the world aviation emissions of gas it is projected to be around 70% than in 2005 which serious threat to the world but because of the disease spread to Worldwide pollution deceased. There is an increase in GHG (GREENHOUSE GAS) emission. Noise pollution is also producing from the aeroplane.

People who are living within an area of six miles are much possibility of suffering from a various health related problem like asthma,lose of concentration level, length of exposure , minor problems to nose eyes throat irritation and major health problem like hearth or lunges diseases, cancer etc. study has found the researcher had blamed that CO which is pumped out from aviation chamber at the time of landing and take-off.

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Aeroplane takes a lot of energy to fly, which means it release a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When fuel burn then there is release of gases such as Co2 to the earth atmosphere and the seas due to which the particles of burned gases block heat from where the gases escaping from the atmosphere. Therefore there is an increase in temperature, melting of glacier and an increase in sea level. Ozone layer depletion because of nitrogen gas, carbon monoxide is produced due to incomplete combustion of fuel, PM (particulate matter) has increased near-surface ozone (0.3 to 1.9% globally).

Due to aircraft emissions, it has been found that around 16,000 premature deas a year from impaired air quality.


Aircraft can be made more aerodynamically efficient so that at time of take-off and landing the wheel of aircraft rolls when it is on the ground is retracted into the cavity of the plane. There are less drag and aircraft will fly faster when the hair is retracted.

There should be implementation of the Air Traffic Control (ATC), present ATC depends on the ground base radar, controller leaves 5-mile in the air buffer between planes in the air and about 3 miles between aircraft on landing and take-off.

We can use the alternate source of fuel, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). Instead of using refined from petroleum, they should use a clean fossil jet fuel. They can improve technology.

One of the world’s major producers of aero engines called ROLL ROYCE said that it will next take 10 years more to make 25% more fuel-efficient than first-generation Trent engine.

Making of the electric engine has little bit issue because of the weight of the battery, they should develop a hybrid-electric plane.

To reduce noise pollution from the plane they should use well computer programmed system for less noise, which will be more environmentally friendly.

People may use the train instead of the plane for a short distance, however, the plane takes less time but as concerned to environment train produces less pollution than an aeroplane.

They should plant more and more tree around the airport and make that place environment friendly.


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