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LawLex is a Research and Educational organization, the first of this kind, working to provide various opportunities for educational enhancement and empowerment of law students, all over India and abroad. We do it through Legal Awareness Programmes, Internships and Campaigns. LawLex is also a knowledge base of various events being conducted in all the law colleges of India and all across the globe. It is a platform for publication of peer-reviewed articles.

Aims & Objectives of LawLex :

1) To provide opportunities to Law Students who are unable to make use of available opportunities due to poverty and lack of information.

2) To encourage the participation of students from backward areas and less popular law schools to learn and compete in the mainstream.

3) To encourage communication among students from different parts of India, in an effort to promote regional understanding and cooperation in general, and the advancement of legal education in particular.

4) To make aware a common man about his rights, duties and sharing information about Right to Information and how such info can be availed and about Laws concerning him via seminars, events, campaigns, press conferences etc.

5) To create a simple user-friendly platform for Students, Researchers, Lawyers, Judges, Administrators and others for publishing their articles and write-ups.

6) To enable students/law schools to share their news about what’s going on in their law schools which will help that institution to earn reputation by making the world aware about activities going on there and will also help others to avail that benefit.

7) To spread first-hand experiences about Internships at different Law Firms by students.

8) To spread information about any Legal Conference, Call for Papers, Essay Writing Competitions, Seminars, Workshops, etc. which needs your attention.

9) To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, and to promote social responsibility of students;

10) To work for the welfare of women and children and also for the underprivileged classes of the society.

11) Seeking out and supporting, whether in partnership with others or alone;

12) Major charitable and welfare projects which will be supported by Law Societies, Institutes or NGO’s.

13) To promote Law as a major career option for students and to explore the various job opportunities for Law Students.

14) To seek donations/funds/sponsorships for the furtherance of these aims and objectives.

Opportunities with us :

You can participate in Internships, Research Work, Certificate Courses, Seminars, Campaigns, Events, Skill Learning, Advocacy etc.

You can also join and work with us. We have posts for Content Editor, Author, Campus Ambassador, Marketing Coordinator, Associate, Technical Support and Project Manager.

These posts are voluntary. You will get recognition, learn various skills and also a Certificate of Appreciation. However, you will get an added bonus on the quality of their work.

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Registration Status : Registered as Public Charitable Trust under J&K Trusts Act.


Registration No. : 4659920

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You can Mail us at : mail.lawlex@gmail.com or admin@lawlex.org

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