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Now you can easily post your announcements or articles on Lawlex via a few simple steps.

Step 1. Create an account at LawLex with one of your Social Login Profiles here

Step 2. A  dashboard will appear. On the top bar, click on ‘New Post’ and a page will open up where you need to fill ‘Post Title’ and ‘Body of the Content’. You can also add image relevant to your post. Minimum resolution of your post should be at least 300 x 300 pixels. Always cite the sources of your text and images.

Step 3. Select the Relevant Categories and Add Tags. Lex Bulletin is the category for Announcements. Lex Pedia is the category for Articles.  Tags are the keywords which will help users to reach to your post via a search engine.

Step 4. On the Right Sidebar there will be a button “Submit for Review”. Click that and we will receive your post.

How to Get Email Notifications for Posts Pending Review in WordPress

Step 5. Your job is done. Now we have to do our job.

Note: You can edit the post by logging in to Lawlex Dashboard via Alternatively you can login via the button available on the Homepage Menu.

Need more help? Check out this custom designed USER GUIDE.

PS: Usually your post will appear online within 24 hours. Still if you want to speed up things you can mail us the Title of the Post at [email protected] after submitting it to us via the method given above.

So lets begin!


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