Diploma in “Cyber Law” from Asian School of Cyber Law in association with Government Law College,Mumbai




Asian School of Cyber Law






Cyber Law is the law governing computers and the Internet. In today’s highly digitalized world, almost everyone is affected by cyber law.


  • All transactions in shares are in demat form.
  • All companies depend upon technology.
  • Government forms are now filed online.
  • Credit cards usage is booming.
  • E-commerce is growing rapidly.
  • Most people are using email, cell phones.
  • Even “non-cyber crime” cases, involve digital evidence.
  • Cyber crime cases are becoming common.
  • Digital signatures usage is increasing.

Diploma in Cyber Law is a basic level knowledge oriented course in Indian cyber law.Cyber Law encompasses eCommerce Law, Intellectual Property & Cyberspace and Cyber Crime Law..


  • Eligibility:

         HSC or equivalent.


  • Mode:
  1. This course is currently available in DIGITAL MODE in India.
  2. This course is available in CLASSROOM  MODE in Mumbai,India.


  • Fee:
  1. Digital Mode :- Rs.3,600/- (Three Thousand Six Hundred only)
  2. Classroom Mode :- Rs.4,600/- (Four Thousand Six Hundred only)


  • Certificate:

On successfully completing the course, the candidate will receive the certificate  jointly issued by Government Law College, Mumbai and Asian School of Cyber Laws.



  • For further details visit the website:-


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