The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer: Advocating for Your Rights


Importance of Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the major mistakes people make after being injured in an accident is deciding to handle their legal claim on their own. However, injury victims may soon realize that taking on the insurance company is no easy feat. In many cases, the injured party falls under the pressure of the insurance company to accept a low offer that will be insufficient to cover their medical expenses and other losses. In turn, they lose their rights to pursue additional compensation. If this is how you think, it may be worth your time to hire a personal injury lawyer in Essex. Call (410) LAW-YERS and let the professionals at Parker, Pallett, Slezak, and Russell, LLC, fight for you. Read on to discover how a personal injury lawyer can advocate for your rights.

Investigate Your Accident

To present a strong case on your behalf, your lawyer will investigate your accident and gather evidence. This will help them determine whether there is a factual basis to pursue your claim and how much it might be worth. The investigation may shed light on how the accident occurred, leaving no doubt as to who is liable for your injuries.

Identify All Damages

You may understand that your claim aims to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. You may also know that this refers to your medical expenses and the income that you have lost while being unable to return to work. However, your attorney may add other items to that list if applicable. They may include your pain and suffering, emotional distress, diminished earning capacity, and other damages you may have suffered.

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

It may be hard to accept that the insurance company doesn’t have your best interests at heart. They have to answer to their stakeholders and will not easily surrender a payment. They have implemented techniques to pressure accident victims to accept the first offer with fear of losing the possibility of getting any money. When the insurance company knows you have a skilled attorney by your side, their attitude may change. The result might be a much larger payout for you.

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Handle the Lawsuit Process

Your attorney will make every effort to settle your claim with the insurance company or the other party. They will negotiate on your behalf in an attempt to get the maximum compensation you are entitled to. However, even the best attorneys sometimes hit a wall. Then, the only way forward is through a lawsuit. If this happens, your attorney will prepare the proper documentation to represent you in court until the matter is settled.

Represent Your Best Interests

Moving forward with your life after being injured in an accident may be a challenge, particularly if you suddenly have to stop everything that was routine and familiar and turn your attention to your recovery. Having someone you can rely on at this time—someone who will be by your side throughout the entire process and who knows the law and can advocate for you—is priceless. Thanks to their expertise in negotiations, you have a much better chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.


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