Election Commission notified by Supreme Court on asking candidates photo’s on EVM



A notice was sent by Apex Court to EC and central government in reply of their PIL filed for seeking problem of namesakes eating votes of candidates by displaying photographs of contesting candidates on the EVM’s.

The notice was issued by bench comprising  of Chief Justice R.M.Lodha, Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman. Petitioner Akash Gahlot argued before the Court that the problem of namesakes was the most widespread problem in recent general elections. The petitioner submitted that the 2004 general election in which party strategists realised the potential of namesakes as a tool against rivals in a close contest.

Since then, namesake candidate have been eating into the vote share of candidates from mainstream parties. The namesake menace worries the parties since this causesA confusion among the voters, he said in the PIL. The relevant portion follows as “Though they are never seen campaigning, the result show that many of them had polled more votes than candidates of smaller parties,” .


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