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This post has been written by Priyanka Bajpai, a student of Amity Law School, Chhattisgarh.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the countries realized the importance of self-reliance. Our Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi uses the current crisis to make India self-reliant by bringing the campaign VOCAL FOR LOCAL. This campaign can said to be another Swadeshi Movement by our hon. PM.

What is Vocal for Local ?

Vocal for Local can form a pattern of development to create and grow a base of domestic big industry. It not only promotes the goods of  Indian companies but also promotes the goods that are manufactured in India by MNCs. Anything that is manufactured in India is considered to be local. This would make India self -reliant and less dependent on other countries for its needs. It is for the development of Indian industries and Indian market within other countries’ market. This is a call for being “Atma-Nirbhar”.

Why Vocal for Local?

India has been a developing country and the speed of development in India is more than any fellow developing country . The campaign, MAKE IN INDIA, was brought by the current government for the purpose of manufacturing and selling goods  in India and abroad. This campaign aimed at generating employment, promoting hyper-local market and hence boosting the Indian economy.

VOCAL FOR LOCAL, on the other hand, fulfills the same requirement. It can be considered to be a helping hand for the’ Make in India’ campaign. This will help strengthen the chain from its weakest link and it is certainly the logical and correct way to go. As Vocal for Local suggests to buy local products and support local business, it works towards the nation.

During the lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic, it is the local vendors, products and services that has helped us survive. This taught us the importance of local manufacturing, market and supply chain. Local for Vocal will help the local workers earn their livelihoods and would create newer jobs for people. This will help support Indian Economy.

Many companies have captured India’s domestic market in the FMGC market , due to which , 80% of products are from foreign companies. Many companies like P&G, Coca-Cola, Hindustan Unilever Limited etc. These companies have acquired most of the Indian Market. Through Vocal for Local , not only these manufacturers but Indian companies and manufacturers can help India in its economy.


How does it work ?

Vocal for Local have to be practiced by Indians for India’s economic growth. It can be done by the help of  government schemes. Government has laid out multiple schemes relating to growth in  various sectors. New horizons of growth are found by government, like –

  • Up gradation of Industrial Infrastructure.
  • Policy reforms in Coal Sector, example – Introduction of commercial mining in Coal sector.
  • Policy reforms in Mineral Sector.
  • Policy Reforms enhancing Self-Reliance in Defence production.
  • More World Class airports through PPP.
  • Privatization of Distribution in UTs.
  • Boosting private sector investment.
  • Reforms relating to Atomic Energy.

These schemes provided by government if implemented , India could move towards producing all by itself and this would lead to growth of Indian Economy. India has been the resourceful country once a time and this can be regained through this campaign of Vocal for Local.

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Due to this pandemic of COVID-19, India has shown its capability of being self-reliant. There was time when the masks and PPEs were imported in India . Now India has not  just exhibited its ability to produce products needed for own consumption like N95 masks and PPEs , but has also helped other countries , like by supplying medicines to over 100 Nations.

“We have a capability and capacity , we should really strive to make everything of great quality. That will also afford us opportunity to export. It is not just local opportunity . This will also help us to go global. ” said BJP spokes person and Rajya Sabha MP, GVL Narasimha Rao.

If we want to boycott the goods manufactured in abroad and identify which is made in India, we can simply check the BAR-CODE on the packet of the product purchased. If the initials of the barcode are 890, then the product is manufactured in India. Through this we can identify and can choose what to buy.

Who all will be benefitted?

When it comes to who all will get its benefits and who not, its India who is getting benefitted. all those workers who are unemployed will get newer opportunity to work as newer industries will be opened all around. New things to learn and to work on will be explored.

It is an opportunity for new firms to come out with better quality products and what suits Indian can be provided to them. This would provide the MSMEs a unique identity that has othervise been the privilege of those who have deep marketing budgets.  

Programs like “One district One Program”, will show more success for economy such  as in Uttar Pradesh.  It will lead to development of individual economy District wise and would at last result in overall growth of Indian Economy.

Vocal for Local will also help build relations with other countries. This will help India form its status among other countries due to increased export.


India is a developing county and it needs more and more opportunity to prove itself. Through this campaign of  “Vocal for Local”, India will get new opportunities to produce and grow its business all around other nations. India has always been good with herbal products and has worked with the roots with these things. If India gets a chance to produce goods that are imported to India by paying huge costs, it will find a better way to produce such goods with increased quality. This all will help India’s Economic growth to boost and will lead to generation of employment. We will make best products with increased quality and with increase in the supply chain. It will be powering the Nation for the Nation .


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