Unexpected Twist: “Bois Locker Room”


“Boys will be boys” narrative gain strong momentum in the recent, as on social media we have seen a shameful act, the incident of “Bois Locker Room” a chat group on Instagram. In a fresh development in the infamous case, it what can only be described as a stunning “Twist in the tale.”

The Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime unit revealed that  a comment about “gang-rape” that sparked huge outrage after the screenshot of the group leaked , was actually never made in group, the cyber cell of Delhi Police on Sunday said that a juvenile girl, who assumed the identity of a teenaged boy with a fictitious name “Siddharth” was used by the girl to make the profile, she created a fake Snapchat profile and discussed “Sexually Assault” on a girl with another juvenile boy, the conversation made by her to test the ‘values and character’ of the other juvenile, the police said.

The girl using the fake identity of a male person suggested a plan to sexually assault herself, to which the receiver declined to participate. The boy who received the message took a screenshot of the chat and sent same to his friends, including the girl about whom the supposed conversation had happened. The girl, being aware of the fact that the account of “Siddharth” was fictional one that she has created.  She did not report the same to anyone.

However, another recipient of the screenshot uploaded it on Instagram as an story for sometime, and from there it started circulating everywhere in just few hours its everywhere, on everyone’s social media accounts , friends, schoolmates, etc. Finally, the comment which gives concern to whole nation that where our future generation is going now negated by Delhi Police, it has now revealed that there was no such plan of any sexual assault on the girl as the conversation began from the fake account started by the same girl and no where boys involved in it, the juvenile also denied to be part of plan and stopped conversation with girl. 

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Mixing up of Events

“This Snapchat conversation about assaulting a girl had nothing to do with the Bois Locker Room group. It is a separate conversation, on a separate platform,” the police officer said. “Due to its sensational nature and due to its availability in different student groups, it got mixed up with the ‘Bois Locker Room’ case,” he added. The officer revealed that neither the girl, who posed as on “Siddharth”, nor the boy, to whom the messages were sent, are members of the Bois Locker Room, the conversation leaked about sexual assault was from Snapchat and not from  the alleged group, the police said that no case will be registered against either of them as though creating a fake id is wrong, the girl’s intent was not malicious.                                    The screenshots of conversations of Bois Locker Room and Snapchat got mixed with each other, but the officer said the police have not found any conversation on the group suggesting sexual assault on any girl, but it does have chats where boys are talking about girls’ body parts and sharing morphed pictures.

The police have arrested two adults in the case, admin of Bois Locker Room group and one juvenile. More than  24 students connected with the case and recipient of the group have been questioned by police and their technical gadgets have been seized.

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