Six Great Law Scholarships In 2021


You graduate from school and aspire to become a professional lawyer. You start surfing the net, looking for information about this craft. You find numerous movies and series that entice you to consider a career in law even more.

Becoming a lawyer requires four/ five years of undergraduate study. Not only do you have to attend all the classes, but you also should spend hours in a library, preparing for exams. But even though you realize that you will have a chronic lack of time for your favorite activities, you are still determined to become a lawyer. Indeed, the career prospects prove to pay off cramming information before finals. Check this list of the best law scholarships that will help you choose an institution, apply for the best program, and get the desired degree in law!

The 7Sage 7K Scholarship

The 7Sage organizes annual scholarships for ambitious students who can’t afford expensive tutors and prep courses to prepare for LSAT. The company’s mission is to provide the necessary help for aspiring lawyers. The 7Sage provides one winner an award of $7,000 and two pro bono courses. As a whole, seven people can win excellent benefits and practice their skills.

Regarding the primary requirement, applicants should write a narrative essay on law topic and answer several short questions. The deadline is set for November 15. Winners will be announced in January.

Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship

There is no better opportunity to practice law than in the attorney Ken Nugent’s firm. Kenneth S. Nugent, P. C. is a personal injury law firm practicing for decades in Georgia. The company has helped thousands of people to restore justice. It has been offering scholarships for talented students who want to work within injury law for the past six years.

To be eligible, candidates must hold a U.S. residence, be ongoing law students at an accredited U.S. law school, or a college senior in the final semester. The latter category should also attach proof that students are accepted to a law school. Also, applicants must read and get familiar with the Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. scholarship requirements. Other necessary elements are:

  1. A submitted entry only.
  2. A 3.0 GPA or higher.
  3. A 500-word essay explaining why contestants have chosen to connect themselves with the legal field.

The application deadline is August 15, 2021. Winners will be informed by the end of August. The award amount is $5,000. Checks will be sent directly to a law school.

One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship by BARBRI

Each year, BARBRI awards ten candidates scholarships. The scholarship is focused on incoming L1 students and provides the winner with a $10,000 award. The second place gets $5,000. The other eight winners will receive $1,000. Applicants must be accepted students at an accredited U.S. school starting in the fall of 2021. The main requirement is a 500-word essay submitted by June 1, 2021. The top ten finalists will be informed a month later, on July 2. The First and Second Place Winners will be announced on July 16. All the awards are paid directly to law schools.

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The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) scholarship

The organization has provided millions in financial support to undergraduates and law students. MCCA offers up to six scholarships of $10,000 to incoming first-year law students. The scholarship helps winners cover their expenses related to tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other stuff required at ABA-accredited U.S. law schools. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of acceptance into an accredited U.S. law school for a full-time Juris Doctorate Program
  • A 3.2 GPA or higher
  • 2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aim (FAFSA) Form
  • An interest in corporate law, diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and community service

A committee will review completed applications and choose the most pertinent candidates based on:

  • Financial need
  • Essay quality
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Extracurricular involvements

The application deadline is June 1, 2021.

Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Program

Legal education lacks diverse students. Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Program strives to help aspiring minority students work within the legal field. Most scholarships involve a three-year commitment to eligible students. The programs are renewable and provide $10,000 annually. The main requirement is to be an active or forthcoming student of the following schools:

  • University of California – Berkeley School of Law
  • Golden Gate University School of Law
  • Stanford Law School
  • University of California – Hastings College of Law
  • Santa Clara University of Law
  • University of San Francisco School of Law

The application deadline is May 21, 2021.

State Representative Irma Rangel Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is open for Hispanic law students who already attend or are going to attend law school in Travis, Williamson, or Hays, Texas counties. Candidates must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Aside from that, the main requirements are:

  • Application form
  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Official transcript
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Community service list

The award is renewable, and its amount is $2,000. The application deadline is April 30, 2021.


Studying law is taxing and time-consuming. Undoubtedly, you will spend lots of time completing different assignments and getting prepared for tests. However, if you are ready for that, you will end up being a first-class lawyer. The mentioned scholarships will help you achieve your goals.

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