Rights of the Third Gender


This post has been written by Navpreet Kaur, a 4th Year law student of Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida.


Today in the twenty-first century, we have been allowed a lot of freedoms. A great many people far and wide are at freedom to live however they see a fit sex is not an unthinkable anymore, and homosexuality is neither a sickness nor a perversion. The terms third gender and third sex portray people who are arranged as neither man nor woman just as the social classification present in those social orders who perceive at least three genders. Abandoned by their families in their adolescence and disparaged and manhandled by everybody as eunuchs win their vocation by moving at the beat of drums and frequently resort to revolting stances yet their torment and distress aren’t commonly seen and this interest is only a token of how powerless and disregarded this segment of society is.

Historical Background

The Members of third sexual orientation have played an unmistakable in Indian culture and were treated with extraordinary regard. Being found in the old Hindu sacred texts and were expounded on in most noteworthy sagas of Ramayana and Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas utilized Shikhandi, an eunuch, to overcome Bhishma Pitamah in the clash of Kurukshetra. At the point when ruler Ram was leaving for his 14 years oust, he asked all people who had come to grieve his detachment from the country to come back to the city. Among then was a gathering of eunuchs who isolated to remain as they didn’t feel bound by heading. Intrigued by their commitment Ram authorized them forces to favour individuals’ propitious events. This convention is practised even in current India today. In medieval India as well, during the Mughal realm in the sixteenth &17th century, the eunuch who has its foundations’ Greek importance manager of terrible considered close confidants of heads regularly being utilized as illustrious workers.

The legality of Marital Relationship

Neither the Hindu marriage act nor the Special marriage act incorporates eunuchs in their ambit. Eunuchs are not secured under national commission for women since they don’t shape a part of the fairer sex. Section 2(c) of National Commission for minorities which characterizes minority networks as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists yet don’t go under the classification of minorities under this demonstration.

The preface of UDHR peruses “while the individuals of United Nations have in the sanction reaffirmed their confidence in essential human rights” in the poise and worth of the human individual and the equivalent privileges of man and woman and have resolved to prelude social advancement and better measures of life in bigger opportunity. The contract of the United Nations additionally has given no spot to this sexual orientation.

Constitutional Guarantee and Legislation

On April 15, 2014 milestone decision of National legal services authority v. Union of India[1], perceived the privileges of transgender according to law depending on article 14 of Indian Constitution managing right to equity utilizes the term individual which doesn’t limit itself to double term.

Article 15 implies that states will not oppress any person on the ground of sex concerning access to shops open cafés, lodgings, and spots of open amusement.[2] Gender character is at the center of one’s close to home personality. Hence it should be ensured under Article19.[3] The LGBT rights are ensured by associations outside the UN structure like American common freedoms Union.

The privileges of transgender individuals like their character and access to wellbeing, instruction, work, lodging, and different rights are in effect progressively broadly perceived after the court’s choice to sanction third sex. The third sexual orientations are appreciating increasingly social equality being included in the enumeration.

Elections and Educational Institutions

The third Gender has the right to cast vote as well as the privilege to be chosen. If not evacuating nepotism and partiality that breeds defilement.

Eg: Sonam Kinnar recorded her selection in Amethi against Rahul Gandhi alongside Kumar Vishwas and Smriti Irani. In Varanasi Hijra named Kamala challenged against BJP’s’ Narendra Modi. Shabna Mausi as an MLA from Sohagpur (MP), Ashadeni as Gorakhpur, Mayor.Bijli Bai as nearby body boss in Kamalganj, Heera Bai challenged by Jabalpur and Samajwadi party ticket.Pooja in Vishar Nagar (Durg) Mahendragarh Koring.The winning of eunuchs in a political decision at various levels as people group’s agents is demonstrative of their social acknowledgement in our nation.

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After Supreme Court administering of consideration of third sexual orientation as OBC for affirmation in instructive establishments, numerous colleges presented space for third sex in application structures. Banglore University was the first one in quite a while to permit qualified transgender individuals seeking after advanced education to take confirmation and profit reservation portion of one seat in every one of 60 postgraduate courses offered.

Eunuchs in the Modern Times

There are around 1 million eunuchs in India today, however, their job in life has changed definitely and is never again that of regal workers, compatriots, and companions. It is living traditions in the nation to have eunuchs favour labour, weddings, housewarmings and different promising events, as they are accepted to have mysterious forces, and their endowments – and curses – are both viewed as strong. They order a mind-boggling system that educates them regarding any festival in their neighbourhood. They save an extraordinary watch for the introduction of a child kid to any family. They approach such families and demand that the infant appears to them. They would favour the kid and request an enormous measure of cash consequently. The ulterior thought process of such vigil is to check whether any infant is brought into the world of eunuchs. If they see the newly conceived as the eunuch, they request the family to leave behind such a child, which the families, for the most part, do to evade social embarrassment later.

In recent times, they have developed past the job of offering gifts. They are being dreaded. No one needs to be addressed by one of them – as they are known to prod bystanders’ with their elbows, stroke them on the cheek, insult or revile them. They utilize the component of dread they conjure in individuals to extricate aid. Prostitution is an elective profession for them.

International Arena

The LGBT rights (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender rights) are secured by certain associations outside the UN system. While the UDHR and ensuing universal human rights reports don’t unequivocally refer to a sexual direction or sex character, developing originations of worldwide human rights laws incorporate the rights and secure the LGBT bunches far and wide. These incorporate an expansive understanding to incorporate fruitful lawful contentions dependent on the right to privacy, equality and freedom from discrimination[4]The extent of UDHR Articles, for example, Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest (Art. 9), Right to Asylum (Art. 14), and Right to Life, Liberty and Security of Persons (Art. 3), Right To Freedom From Torture And Degrading Treatment (Art. 4), Right To Peaceful Assembly And Association (Art. 20) should be augmented to remember transgender individuals for the request to secure their human rights.

The fundamental driver for the oppression of eunuchs is the mentality of the general public. Attributable to the way that these individuals are distinctive in issues of their sexual inclinations and are sufficiently able to show it, the general public considers it to be an infringement of a standard and in this way subjects them to disengagement. Law needs to step in to guarantee that a generally little however profoundly distressed mortified segment of the common society is given its privileges ensured by the constitution.


There is by all accounts no motivation behind why a transgender must be denied right human rights which incorporate rights which incorporate privileges of life and freedom with nobility, right to protection and opportunity of articulation, rights to training and empowerment right against viciousness, directly against abuse, separation. Constitution has satisfied its obligation of giving rights to transgenders. On the off chance that all works out as expected, they will never again be constrained into prostitution and some hijras ought to be off the boulevards soon. Sexual orientation uniformity can’t address questionable. It is something that ought to be received as a lifestyle.

[1]National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India, (2014) 5 SCC 438

[2] INDIAN CONST. art 14

[3] INDIAN CONST. art 16,19



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