Population Explosion In India


This post has been written by Supriya Bhatpahari , a student of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur.


Population explosion refers to the quantity of individuals that sleep in a neighborhood. It’s a significant issue for developing countries. Also, the government isn’t taking correct measures to regulate this downside. Besides, it generates several problems within the country that cause several issues for individuals. Our India is currently facing many problems like unemployment, poverty corruption, illiteracy and social issues. If we look at them, we will find that the increase in population is the root cause of all these problems. These problems will be automatically solved if the population is reduced. Because of population overgrowth, people have to struggle for food, shelter and pure water. Even the air in densely populated cities is polluted, which causes breathing difficulty in people. The increased population also requires more natural resources for day to day living, resulting in a bad impact on the environments.

Meaning of Population Explosion:

It refers to the speedy increase within the population of a neighborhood among people in general. What is more, it’s a state of affairs wherever the economy isn’t capable of dealing with the increasing demand of its population.

Causes of Population Explosion:

The explanation for the population explosion includes several factors and reasons. These include:

Increase within the birth rate- Due to lack of management on delivery and unknowingness of individuals the birth rate is increasing apace. Additionally, the gap between death and birth has gone method wider than what we are able to consider. What is more, the birth rate has increased several folds compared to the death rate.

A decrease in mortality rate rate- Mortality rate refers to the quantity of death of infants below the age of half dozen months. Due to science and technology, we have a tendency to square measure ready to minimize this rate and currently solely a couple of cases of death square measure acknowledged per thousand deaths.

The anticipation growth- Earlier the anticipation of individuals was around 55-60 years. However, because of higher and improved medical facilities, we have a tendency to square measure currently ready to increase the anticipation of individuals. Currently, the common age of someone increased to 70-75 years.

Besides, these higher living conditions, smart quality food, higher nutrition, and higher sanitation facilities conjointly helped in increasing anticipation High level of illiteracy- The accomplishment level of girls is one in every of the most important issues of birth control. In India, individuals pay little importance to women’s education and marry them at an early age. That’s why they are doing not have data concerning contraception strategies and also the use of contraceptives.

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Effects of Population Explosion:

The population explosion affects natural resources {and several and lots of and plenty of} sectors of the economy in many ways:

Unemployment– Due to the rise within the population the demand for jobs and employment conjointly will increase. But, because of a scarcity of resources and employment opportunities, there square measure numerous idle individuals in Republic of India.

In addition, the condition of state is growing day by day. To face this downside most the individuals square measure either migrating to alternative countries for higher job opportunities .Poverty- Due to the big population there an outsized range of individuals WHO belong to below the poverty level and that they don’t have adequate data of the overspill of the country. Also, they’re the most important contributor to a high birth rate.

Overpopulation: population explosion may lead to overpopulation i.e. a condition where population surges to a level that the earth cannot accommodate comfortably and poses a threat to the environment.

Illiteracy: the total available resources are shared by the people using them. Population explosion is the key reason for illiteracy in India. People prefer engage their children in economic activities, rather than providing them education.

Prevention of population explosion

There square measure varied strategies by that we are able to stop a population explosion. The government will take measures to awake to the population concerning the varied strategies that may facilitate in dominant the population. Also, it ought to implement some sturdy campaign for birth control and contraception. To total it up, the population explosion has caused vast pressure on the surface of the planet. Also, we are able to management several problems with the planet by dominant growth. Besides, several issues like food insecurity, illiteracy, poverty, and state is reduced by dominant the population.

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