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Once, there was a time without Intellectual Property Laws and people were free of snatching away ideas and signing their initials on the ideas and the victim was helpless. But today, creating anything new is super tough. Originality is everything is the basic essential and if one has the talent then one is a gem. Content creating is no more an easy task. Starting from memes to sharing any posts in one’s timeline might drag one and one’s timeline to courts. Not only someone else’s rights but it can hamper one’s rights as well.

I am recalling the time of 2010 when Orkut was our best friend. But eventually, we broke up with Orkut and now Facebook became our new friend. For the very first time in 2010 when Zuckerberg was getting questions on Facebook in Congressional, he mentioned that

“Every piece of content which one sees in Facebook, one owns them, and one has absolute control over them who sees them or who shares them. Even one can remove them whenever they wish. It is absolutely up to them.” [1]

He did say this but after that this became a very controversial statement and people started raising plenty of questions. Not only people but at present, how many of us are actually aware of even have a little bit idea of the rights one has for themselves.

What is Intellectual Property Law?

At this point in time, most things around us are intangible. The law safeguards intangible and tangible property rights. There

  • Trademarks/Trade Design: A name, image, and additionally configuration recognizing and recognizing the wellspring of merchandise or administrations of one gathering from those of others
  • Copyrights: Exclusive rights to create duplicates and control a unique abstract, melodic, or imaginative work
  • Patents: Exclusive rights to make, use, or sell a development
  • Trade Secrets: Economically significant data, recipes, or cycles, not by and large known or ascertainable to others by which a contender would get a financial benefit whenever known
  • Right of Publicity: The option to control one’s own name or similarity
  • Right of Privacy: The option to forestall the revelation of private data without clear and vague assent

Is that little box one requested to click consenting to an online media stage’s agreement while making a record of one’s data? At the point when one pursues online media, one part with a permit or legitimate consent to that stage to utilize one’s item or material. For online media stages to work the manner in which they do, this is important. However, this doesn’t abrogate Intellectual Property laws.

Sharing and Oversharing:

As the world moves to the twenty-first century, the need to have an online presence has become an essential piece of life. There are various ways online media has been an indispensable piece of this great change in the manner the world voices itself, from static remark fields to intelligent informing stages like Facebook and Twitter. Completing an intensive survey of one’s licensed innovation will empower one to perceive essential assets that may require prompt insurance, for example, Developments that are yet to be authorized or enlisted. Elite brand names and sub-brands. Trade manuals and business guides are fundamental to one’s activity.

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Brand names, for instance, are viewed as perhaps the most significant resources a brand can claim. Particularly when the brand possesses have meticulously flourished to interface themselves to certain generosity and notoriety. In any case, how precisely will enrolling one’s brand name helps one’s image go that additional mile?

Brand name enlistment gives significant lawful advantages including select utilization of the imprint all through one’s geographic area. An enlisted brand name is likewise shielded against any conceivable future encroachments by other comparative brand names or an undisclosed outsider. With the web-based media stages making it simpler to get to unlimited showcases of content – from pictures to thoughts – and making this computerized social standard of “sharing,” it is very simple to catch another person’s thought and make it one’s own. Be that as it may, in this time of computerized opportunity, how free will be free?

As the admittance to content grows in the advanced world, especially via web-based media stages, the line between responsibility for material, duplication, and conveyance has been obscured. Nonetheless, as opposed to mainstream thinking, one can’t simply take pictures or content from an online media feed and use it as their own, it is really copyright misuse. There are explicit standards (Facebook copyrights Policy, Instagram copyrights strategy, and so forth), rules, and laws one should comply with. This is the place where the significance of licensed innovation becomes an integral factor.

Tips and Tricks

With online media’s broad nature of sharing, it is periodically hard for licensed innovation holders to get up to speed with any encroachments or infringement. Nonetheless, when they do, this law is an apparatus that can be utilized to quit sharing or end any infringement of copyright, brand name, or patent. The assurance of protected innovation bears the cost of the holder the option to document grumblings, takedown content, look for remuneration, record claims, thus considerably more.

On the off chance that clients fail to see how licensed innovation rights assurance can be lost through web-based media or how to secure their immaterial resources, they may endure some critical misfortunes. It is in this manner fitting to be watchful in monitoring any potential infringement or encroachment. It is likewise best to practice to keep awake to date with changes in IP laws. This will empower them to ensure their privileges effectively and, simultaneously, add to the discussion about protected innovation rights in web-based media.

[1] Jeff Blank, Intellectual Property Law in the Age of Social Media, Northeastern University, Explore Northeastern, May 8, 2018, https://www.northeastern.edu/graduate/blog/intellectual-property-and-social-media/

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