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How To File A Case Online in India

By:  Priyam Jain

How To File A Case Online

In attempts to make justice less expensive, more accessible and speedy the e-filing in the Supreme court commenced in India from 2 October 2006. This electronic innovation gained a strong recognition through its subsequent endorsement in the e-court project approved by government of India in February 2007. As a part of this project a  user-friendly program with interactive features has been prepared by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Online link of e-filing

Any Advocate-On-Record of the Supreme Court of India or the petitioner-in-person can file his or her case online using the service provided at

Instructions for e-filing registration


NOTE: Petition filed through e-mail are not accepted. For electronic filing of cases in Supreme Court use e-filing facility only.

Apart from the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court also commenced  E-filling facility from October, 2013.It began for taxation and company courts in a phased manner but soon it would be introduced in civil and criminal courts.

Advantages Of E-filing

Disadvantages Of E-filing


Though there are certain  disadvantages to the  e-filing system, but the no. of advantages over shadow the disadvantages that are inherent to this e-innovation     Certainly, the introduction of the information technology to the court proceedings will ultimately help in moving to next level of fully-fledged e-courts. This would surely reduce the back-log of cases and the disadvantages of maintaining these through vast amount of papers and files.

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