An overview on Nepotism



The article has been written by  Priyanka Bajpai, student of Amity Law School, Chhattisgarh.

An overview on Nepotism

Everyone everywhere believes in talent and hard work. But surprisingly some people don’t need to do that to get themselves settled. People out here are working day and night to get their aim achieved but suddenly they notice that their position has been taken by the one whose parents paved way for them. Yes! Its Nepotism for you. All you got to do is to take birth in a family that has already settled your future.

What is Nepotism?

Nepotism can be defined as “the practice of those in power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” Or “the act of using power or influence to get unfair advantages for members of one’s family.”

Nepotism is common in politics, judiciary, business and in the film industry. It goes on even in religious circles, arts industry and other kind of organisations.

Nepotism somewhere or the other leads to corruption. People with established family background have always had upper hand. They enjoy all the pleasures and still manage to get a position they wanted in their life without any sacrifice or hard work. People always talk about struggle they did to achieve a position and forget to mention their parents’ hand behind them.

Nepotism in India[1]

India has seen nepotism from the very beginning. Our political system has been a complete mess as all we have as leaders is relatives or children of present or retired politicians.

Not only in politics,  but also in Business and big organisations. People work hard to find a position in a firm but in return they get same salary with no increment and a new boss as their head taking their work credits.

Recently, we have seen that Bollywood has a big hand for nepotism in the country. No matter how talented you are or what sacrifices have been made by an individual, what matters is, who is your father or how big your sources can be.

 Can nepotism be stopped?[2]

“Raja ka beta Raja banega” has been accepted by Indians very easily . The fact that we have been accepting those things that would have been eliminated from our society way before, makes us ignorant. We all have a perspective that anyone who has grown in the same environment as that of their parent may possibly have the same talent and attitude towards a work.

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It has been proved that not every actor’s child came out as an excellent actor. Instead its the outsider who comes struggling just to shine like a star and end up being banned. This constant non-acceptance by the film industry towards the out comers have led the whole industry in question.

 A guy studying medical aims to be practising doctor. He studies hard and does every possible thing to be part of a renowned hospital. But before he could be a practising doctor there, a child of one of the senior joins, and all this hard work of the boy is vanished. This is what is the story of many private hospitals today.

How can one forget our Indian Political system. All we have seen is a dynasty ruling over our country. The Gandhis have always made it very obvious that if they chose a new leader, it would be a Gandhi only. The fact that they fear about is that if an outsider enters the reign, they’ll  lose their throne. They have actually shown the game of Nepotism really well.

All we need to do is to change our view. We have to choose someone out of the  already existing group and support them to be where they are supposed to. We have to stop thinking that a child who grew in a particular environment would be the only good substitute for a particular position.


To bring out the new talent , to show the upcoming unknown artists, we need to divert our attention from those with the privilege , to those who need privilege. See the talent not the background . Support the needy not the privileged. The more we get aware and the more we start accepting and start providing opportunities to those in need, the more Nepotism has to bow down.



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