A Critique on TikTok Ban



What is Tik-Tok?

Tik-Tok is a Chinese owned social video sharing app. People can edit , shoot and share 15-20 seconds videos with filters, music, animation and effects etc. Like any other social media platform you can also like, share and comment on everything you see.

Why ban on Tik-Tok?

The indian government took the decision of banning 59 apps developed by Chinese firms over concerns that these apps were engaging in activities that threatened “national security and defence of india” which impinges upon the sovereignity and integrity of india. And it is also said that the ministry of IT has received many complaints from various sources for stealing and transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner. It also says that the app has bad contents too which effects the human minds and childrens. So recently india banned 59 apps, originating from china which includes Tik-Tok as well. The ban has been enforced under Section 69A of the information technology act,2000 (“power to issue directions for blocking for public access of any information through any computer resource”).  Now as we see everything has its positives and negatives. So as now as this app is banned and is no more accessible to use we should look at the negative aspects of it.

Negative Reviews

  1. This ban amounts curtailing of the rights of the citizens who have been using the platform everyday to express themselves and create contents. It will be against the person’s right to freedom and expression.
  2. Due to this pandemic people are unable to meet each other whether friends or relatives and some are also living alone. Then like any other social media platform Tik-Tok also gives people to express their emotions with videos to their loved ones. It is the best app for expressing anything and the way you feel at the moment. But now we can’t do this.
  3. Creative musers have to find another way for showcasing their talents and many talented people lot of Tik-Tok influencers lost their equity overnight and left to build their presence in platforms which they never targeted their personas for.
  4. The influencers who were earning from this platform will lose their pay.
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Reacting to the controversy, Now Tik-Tok should see another alternatives to keep people safe and their service and should change the community guidelines. Rather than just closing it. As it is affecting  more  people who earn from it . And Tik-Tok should be back.





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