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What is Vimarsh?

To discuss debate and deliberate on a plethora of unconventional issues, we bring to you a platform like never before. With high hopes and immense passion, we present, VIMARSH. It is an open discussion platform with bare minimum protocols and a highly flexible procedure to facilitate a completely open discussion. We provide the youth with an opportunity to dive deep into intellectual discussions regarding state affairs and put forward their questions, notions, and suggestions with a view to bring a change. Follow the link to know more.

  • Our salient feature
  1. Flexible, productive, and solution-oriented procedure.
  2. Bilingual discussion. No formalities are required, just be respectful.
  3. There will be a tangible output of the discussion in the form of a Plan of Action/Recommendations draft which will be developed by all the participants during the course of the discussion.
  4. No complications. We shall lead the discussion in a cooperative and comfortable way.


  1. Each participant will get individual recognition through various media on our website and social media handles.
  2. Certificates of participation shall be provided. 5 Best speakers will get a “Certificate of Excellency”.
  3. Permanent record of your suggestions, with due credits on our website….and much more!

Made by students, for us all. We all are in the process of learning. The mistakes made in this process will be our greatest teacher. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about even if you are not confident about your speaking skills. Let us learn together and grow.

Head to the registration page on our website and enroll yourself! We are eagerly waiting for your presence.-


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