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Two day National Seminar on ‘Land, Records and Rights: Laws, Governance and Challenges” on 19 & 20 February 2023

About the Seminar

Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law School, Visakhapatnam, a state university constituted under Act 32 of 2008 by AP Legislature, is organizing a two day National Seminar on the theme (main theme) “‘Land, Records and Rights: Laws, Governance and Challenges”.  The seminar would be organized on the 19 and 20  February 2023.  There will be six technical sessions excluding the inaugural and valedictory.

Land is a source of life and livelihood. It is used for multiple purposes including agriculture, industries, human habitation, animal husbandry, afforestation and carbon sequestration.  There is tremendous pressure on land due to the developmental model adopted by the state actors.  The governments have to see to it that land is put to optimum use.  Towards the furtherance of the new economic model the governments are handing over government land to corporate bodies to start developmental projects, SEZs and the like. They are also acquiring lands from title deed owners including the farmers, adivasis and marginalized sections of society on a large scale and handing it over to them.  This development model is causing social dislocation, displacement, economic disparity, impoverishment, food insecurity, environmental problems and climate change.   Displacement of people from the natural habitat and their disentitlement over their land is happening on a large scale.  Ownership and tenurial rights over land are at stake.  In such circumstance it is of utmost importance that the ownership and tenurial rights of the land holders are protected.   Digitization of the land records is taking place in this backdrop.  There is a possibility for tampering with any records, manual or digital if it is not done properly.  Digitization is taking place while there is so much pressure on land.  Obviously the whole process has to be monitored and reviewed from close quarters.  This seminar would throw light on these issues.

We invite papers on the following sub themes:

  1. Constitutional Provisions, Doctrine of Eminent Domain: Issues and Challenges
  2. Modernization and Digitization of Land Records
  3. Agriculture, Land Entitlements, Tenurial Rights and Laws
  4. Climate Change, Forest Laws, Carbon Sequestration and Sustainable Development
  5. Development, Displacement, Tribal Communities’ Rights and Rehabilitation
  6. Community and Legal Rights vis-a-vis Land: Doctrine of Public and Commons


Deadline for Abstract Submission- 17th January 2023

Communication of Acceptance- 20th January 2023

Deadline for Registration- 27th January 2023

Deadline for Paper Submission- 9th February 2023

Dates of the Seminar- 19th-20th February 2023



The Registration fee is payable to:

Note: Registration fee includes Seminar Kit, lunch, and high tea on relevant dates. The facility of accommodation may be provided on a twin-sharing basis of Rs.1000/- per day for each participant. However, the accommodation has limited capacity and it will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

DSNLU – ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on Land Records

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