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As we all know that this exercise consists of a passage upon which questions are set to test the student’s ability to understand the context and to infer information and meanings from it. But, in the CLAT paper, it is a time absorbing question. Basically, apart from the general English grammar, vocab and inference, it is to test your time management skills also.

So, follow these steps even during your practice sessions:

1. Read the passage first. Take a quick reading. You just have to get the general idea when you read it for the first time. Don’t waste time analyzing difficult words, for you never know , they might not even have a mention in the questions.

2. Now that you know what the passage is all about you could go for another reading if you have doubts or if it was not clear enough in the first reading.

3. Now read the questions and you should be able to answer the general questions. For more specific questions, you could read the relevant portions and mark your answers.

Remember: This section is very scoring. All it does to you is eat up your time. You have to complete 200 questions in 120 minutes. So, don’t spend more than 5-7 minutes on comprehension.

Keep checking the section for more information and sample passages.

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