Prof. R.P. Anand Memorial International Law Scholarships 2014


The R.P. Anand Virtual Center of International Law is pleased to announce the R.P. Anand International Law Scholarship 2014. Creation of the R. P. Anand Virtual Centre of International Law (VCIL) is inspired by the life, teachings and writings of Late Prof. R.P. Anand. It is nurtured by his colleagues and students with the full encouragement of his wife and support of his children. The VCIL is a work in progress and it is envisaged that in due course of time it would emerge as a useful tool to promote teaching and research in international law utilizing the marvels of information technology.


  • Program originally announced on 15th June, 2012 birth anniversary of Late Professor R.P. Anand with successful winner announced on 30th December, 2012. Two new scholarships for 2014 announced on 15th June, 2013 – winner to be announced on 30th December, 2013.
  • Each scholarship will include an award amount of Rs. 15,000/- per quarter for 1 year paid quarterly (Total Rs 60000). Overseas awardees may be awarded equivalent amount in USD ($1200/year).
  • Decision of the R.P. Anand Memorial Committee will be final and binding. This is a private scholarship program. Rules and guidelines are subject to periodic change and not legally binding on Committee members or any educational institution or organization. Selection criteria include academic achievement, application content, faculty recommendations and financial needs of the applicants but not limited to these.

General rules for application and award of scholarship.

  1. Applicant must be an active and enrolled post graduate student (LL.M. or M.Phil. and/or Ph.d) in a UGC recognized university of India or accredited university anywhere in the world and actively pursuing one of these degrees in International Law.
  2. Applicant must provide copies of verified transcripts of undergraduate degree (B.A and/or LL.B) and ongoing verifiable post graduate work (LL.M, M.Phil or Ph.d/JSD).
  3. Applicant will be additionally required to provide written recommendations from at least 2 sitting faculty members in the department of International Law of their enrolled University. (Will be verified by committee).
  4. Applicant must start by filling out the online form on the website (R.P Anand Virtual Center of International Law) and then follow it up with all the required documents.
  5. Required Documents are: Applications and all related transcripts and documents must be received by30th November, 2013. Required documents are below. Please submit a color scanned version of the original documents to Please do NOT send anything by physical mail – electronic only.
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  1. Copy of Govt. issued id (Pan Card, Drivers License etc.)
  2. Copy of University ID currently enrolled in for post-graduate work.
  3. 2 letters from active faculty members verifying your application, current academic status etc. Letters must have contact information to cross check by Committee.
  4. Transcripts of undergraduate degree (B.A, LL.B etc.)
  5. Transcripts of graduate school if any. Application review process will start on 1st July, 2013 and final decision of the scholarship award will be announced on 30th December, 2013. You may submit your applications as soon as possible. (Earlier application submission may possibly be a criteria for selection provided other qualification factors of selection are equal or closely tied between candidates).
  6. Award amount will be released each quarter (3 months) starting 15th January, 2014 directly to the student on verification of active enrollment and ongoing pursuit of International Law Degree.
  7. Awarded recipient name and photograph will be announced and permanently displayed on the Prof. R.P. Anand website.
  8. Scholarship will be awarded for 1 year and a recipient once awarded cannot apply for the scholarship for any subsequent years. Previous year applicants are welcome to re-apply.

Online Form:


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