Online Program on Laws of Corporate and Financial Crimes


Rostrum is an online law academy dedicated towards promoting research and learning in the field of law by providing world class legal education services.

Rostrum is pleased to announce the application intake for their Online Program on Laws of Corporate and Financial Crimes. The program covers various important aspects of Corporate and Financial Crimes in 5 modules which will be delivered online. This program is really helpful for law students and professionals from the industry to increase their knowledge and understanding on the subject.

This is to be noted that all the courses run by Rostrum are accredited by International Accreditation Organization. It implies that the modules and the course contents delivered to the students are of high standards and are globally recognized.

After completion of the Course an online examination will be conducted. A certificate will be issued after passing the same.

Importance of the Program:
In the modern world, the strong activities of corporation are incredible to the society. It is certain that the power and influence of companies will grow and not diminish in the foreseeable future. The corporate sector enjoys far more rights than the common people.

In the day to day activities, not only do the corporations affect the lives of the people as a blessing but also many a times proves disastrous, (eg: Bhopal gas tragedy) which then falls under the category of crimes, which is an immediate concern. With great power comes great responsibility. It’s high time to put control over these crimes.


  • To study the appropriateness of attributing criminal liability to corporations
  • To study various models of corporate criminal liability
  • To evaluate the legal safeguards provided under the Indian legal system
  • To study the adequacy and effectiveness of those measures as to whether they fulfill the deterrent object of punishment.
  • To describe as to how corporate crimes can be effectively bridle
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Course Fees:
Rs. 2850 till 12th March, 2013.


  • Course Begins: 18th March 2013
  • Course Ends: 7th April 2013
  • Test Dates: 7th April 2013

Details of the Exam:

  • Maximum Marks: 100
  • Questions: 50
  • Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Schedule: Can be taken any time during exam dates.
  • Passing Criteria: 50% Marks

Registration Form:

The last date for registration isĀ 12th March, 2013

Phone: +91-8223 988007


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