Online certificate course on ‘Cyber Laws’ from ILI



About the course:-

Development of Cyber law is a recent phenomenon. It is still in a nascent stage and continuously evolving every passing day. Even the most learned legal luminaries find it difficult to solve the legal problems posed by technology. The Online Certificate Course offered by the institute, intends to spread awareness among the general public about the cyber law, it is specifically beneficial to the lawyer community and the judges in the subordinate judiciary, who face cases on the daily basis.


The course is designed to give distant education wherein the students need not come to the institute for either classes or examination. The course will be conducted online and the subscribers need to operate from their respective places. All the queries of the subscribers relating to the admission or the conduct will be answered online.

Who can pursue?


Anyone who has access to computer and the Internet can benefit from the Institute’s e-learning program.


It is a general course which would be of immense value to persons who fall in the following categories:

·        Students

·        Lawyers

·        Law enforcement personnel – customs officials, police officials, etc.

·        Patent agents

·        Intellectual Property Offices in Government Sector

·        Engineers

·        Scientists

·        Software Professionals

·        Company Executives

·        Economists

·        Journalists



3  months




Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only.)

For further details contact:-

Visit the website-

Indian Law Institute

Bhagwan Dass Road

New Delhi-110001


Tel. No: 011- 23073295

Fax No: 011- 23782140


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