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In this day and age when cross-border transactions have become the “norm” of the day rather than an, “aberration” it is important to equip oneself, with both the, “practical nuances” of these branches of law and also make them familiar with ways of, “drafting/negotiating and advising foreign clients” based on the “due diligence” exercise conducted by an individual lawyer.

Date: 16th – 22nd August, 2013
Venue: Kolkata, India

This course seeks to supplement their, “conceptual” knowledge of Companies Act 1956 with “practical” knowledge. The current course on, “corporate due diligence” has been devised to equip the participants with a more “practical” knowledge of law and ways of implementing laws studied in the classroom. It emphasis is on ways and methods of resolving various practical queries of clients and methods of due diligence that may be adopted to ensure compliance with the various provisions of the law.

The proposed course aims to familiarize students with the basic terms and terminologies and documentation, used in the process of corporate due diligence including that in the specific area of due diligence in international finance (such as syndicated loan transactions – like facilities agreement, security documents, legal opinion etc) and train students to negotiate various terms of contracts based on the results of the “due diligence” conducted by them on behalf of their clients. The course shall lead students to “think like a lawyer”, and apply the already acquired conceptual knowledge in class to the day to day problems of the client.

Broadly the most important topics to be dealt under the broad topic of “Corporate Due Diligence” shall be practical nuances of doing a due diligence of joint venture agreements, LMA1 syndicated loan agreements and of standard contract documents. In the current economic climate, where even in India, funding transactions are picking up much more momentum than capital market transactions, I believe that it would be wise to concentrate on “general loan transactions”, (as opposed to any other sub-topic under “corporate due diligence”) and deal with the general day to day due diligence transaction topics, like that of review of documents and certain nuances of due diligence of joint venture agreements.

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Fees: Rs. 5,000/-
Please note that the participation is on first cum first serve basis and the restriction is 30 participants only.

The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan,
12, LB Block, Sector III,
Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700098
Fax: 033 – 23356272

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