NUJS Sports Fest, Invicta.



Next year, the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences shall be hosting PARAInvicta, a university-level sports fest for the differently abled. The competition will be open to students from across the country, and across disciplines.

Prafful Goyal, the convenor of the NUJS Sports Committee, said that the idea was mooted last year by the then vice-president of the student body, Samarth Sharma. However, questions over funding and planning meant that they had to shelve the idea. But this year, they are determined to pull it off; the Paralympic events will be held in conjunction with the NUJS Sports Fest, Invicta.

PARA Invicta 2017

One of the reasons behind the event can be gleaned from the PARAInvicta press release that notes,

“[We] recognize that no human is different from each other. Everyone has hidden in them a special talent that must be respected and given a chance to be nurtured.”

Goyal says that the Sports Committee is currently in talks with the Bengal Paralympic Association so that PARAInvicta can be granted official recognition. If granted, this would also boost the number of participants, and also help in raising the funds required.

In addition, the committee is also in talks with government ministries, and PSUS’s in order to get the finances required for the event.

The NUJS Sports Committee consists of Pravar Veer Misra, Prakhar Maheshwari, Savithran Ramesh, Rishima Rawat, Prafful Goyal, Shivangi Kumar, Carmel Sharma, Saarthak Biswas, Aparmita Pratap, Ayesha Bhattacharya, Khushagr Bhakshi, Senu Nizar, Manthan Jindal, Ankita Talukdar, Sanjana Saha, Mahima Cholera, Prashant Shukla, Rongeet Poddar, Saiyed Kamil, Varun Kannan, Abhidipto Tarafder, Aditya Rai, Astha Srivastava, Jehan Daboo, Priyanshi Manhas, Sakchi Agarwal, Sibasish Mishra, and Stephen Thomas.

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