NUJS-NLSIU Summer School On Mainstreaming Human Rights Lawyering



NUJS announces, in association with NLSIU, Bangalore and the support of the Ford Foundation, the Summer Programme on Mainstreaming Human Rights Lawyering.

It provides an exhaustive course on all laws relating to human rights in a simple and engaging format. This course will educate the students about the law, sensitize them about the situation in India and the need for skilled lawyers and equip them with the skills they could need if they take up human rights lawyering as a career option.


Any law student can apply.

Course Objective

The objective of the course will be the threefold, it should:

  • Impart knowledge; through comprehensive resource material, compilations of case law and recommended readings to take home that will give them a detailed and analytical understanding of legal intricacies of the laws relating to human rights.
  • Equip the participants with essentials skills; by bringing renowned experts in each field to provide their unique and valuable inputs while discussing their personal experiences.
  • Develop and sensitize the participants’ attitude; through screening of documentaries and interacting with survivors and people involved in the human rights movement.

Application Process

Interested students are to send an email to expressing their interest. They will be then sent the application forms.

Other Details

  • The training program will be held from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm from May 10th to June 10th, 2013.
  • At the end of the program the students will have to write a theoretical examination and complete a practical examination based on what they have learnt in the 30 days.
  • They will also be graded based on their participation and inputs in each day’s activities.
  • The students will also have to submit a 3000 words paper on a problem of human rights violation in their state and a plausible legal strategy to combat the same.
  • Only those students who get over 50% of the total marks will pass and be given a certification for completion of the course

Full details are here.

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