MY Parliament: Model Youth Parliament ; Registration Starts on June 15


India is world’s largest democracy and soon will be youngest nation. By 2020, it is expected that 59% of population in India will be in age group of 18-40 years. A young democracy, with an even younger demographics, will test India’s democratic values and its parliamentary structure. Indian youth today is very dynamic, opinionated, much more equipped with resources and knowledge than any point in history. Unfortunately, the youth lacks interest and insights on policies & how  they are made.

With a view to set ‘policy’ as an agenda for youth, 1st MY Paliament, a 2 day event, will be organized to acquaint Indian youth aged between 18 – 30, about functioning of our representative institutions and give them a firsthand experience of policy making process.

MY Parliament is a thought which aims to engage people in discussing and debating about policies over politics. It shall be a corner stone in the long term vision of India becoming a true participative democracy where each individual is aware of policies that govern our country and is involved in the policy making process. The debated policies and the bills passed by the youth representatives of the ministries, selected by an elaborate selection process will be humbly submitted to the President, Parliament and Ministers of Cabinet rank, along with leaders of major political parties and policy makers. MY Parliament will serve as a bridge of ideas between enlightened decision makers of today and passionate leaders of tomorrow.


40, LGF World Trade Centre

Babar Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001- INDIA.

Phone: 011-65281234

Fax: 0120-4185005

Mob: +91 (0) 9811522255


For queries regarding the Event, registration procedure, application form and the like visit

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