MNLU Mumbai Certificate Course in Cyber Law for Young Professionals, 21-22 July 2018; Register by July 1


Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai is conducting a two day Certificate Course in Cyber Law for Young Professionals in collaboration with Cyber Law Consulting (Advocate and Attorneys), Mumbai.

Information Communication Technology pervades almost all spheres of human conduct in the present age of Information. It has significance in area of scientific innovations, information processing, knowledge sharing, decision making, research activity, services, business activities, education, employment, law, governance etc. Almost no field is untouched from receiving benefits technological advancements. The coin has other side too! Technology can be a bad master. It may be used in a manner which can pose threat to fundamental human rights or defeat the purpose for which it was relied on. These threats are not restricted to particular field but has possibility of adverse implications on almost all the areas where technology is relevant.

As reliance on Information Communication Technology increases day by day it becomes even more significant to assess the legality and validity of technology assisting and influencing human conduct. Technology should never become tool or target to violate Law of the Land. In the wake of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Virtual Reality, convergence of technologies newer challenges are being posed in terms of determining the legit standards to which these technological advancements may be used. Block chain technology enables to create crypto currency but whether to recognize it as legal tender or not still looms large. Social media with enabled by communication technology is threatened by privacy risks.

Law ought to govern technological advancements despite it being difficult to govern something which at times behaves as an unruly horse. Technology changes every passing day and law has to catch upon. Information Technology Act 2000 though was one of the premier attempts to regulate technology was knee jerk reaction to the demand of regulating information technology. I T Amendment Act of 2008 and allied Rules Regulations tried to do away with inherent deficiencies in Information Technology. As a matter of fact law in itself won’t suffice or achieve desired results unless people are aware of the exact nature and functioning of information communication technology and the law regulating it. Electronic evidences though are valid and legal they need to be handled and produced before court of law in a manner that they remain legally admissible, accessing a particular data may end up in committing an offence if the assesse is unauthorized person, an image in communication device of which the user had no idea of existence may land up him in prison despite throughout remaining honest in his/her conduct, Digital economy in aftermath of demonetization is good move by credit card frauds are yet to be effectively tackled. Technical terms/language used in law governing Information Technology adds to the misery of layman and at times even to professionals.

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 MNLU Mumbai with the object of advancing and disseminating learning and knowledge of law and contributing to social, economic wellbeing of the society is committed to bridge the gap between layman and his/her understanding of law, is organizing two day certificate course in Cyber Law for Professionals on 21st and 22nd July 2018.

 Topics for Sessions

  1. Indian Cyber Law and its application in Organisations
  2. Cyber Crimes: Rights, Duties and Remedies in Employer Employee Relationship
  3. Departmental Inquiries for Cyber misconduct: Substantive, Procedural and administrative perspective
  4. Electronic Evidence: Preservation, Retrieval, Transfer and Admissibility
  5. Use of Generic Cyber Forensic Tools in Organizations and its Legal Relevance
  6. Information Technology Law, Compliances and Adherence policies
  7. Protection of Privacy and Surveillance norms

 Resource Persons

  1. Prashant Mali – Founder & President – Cyber Law Consulting (Advocates & Attorneys).
  2. Rakesh Goyal, MD SYSMAN Computers, Mumbai
  3. Vishal Pawde, Deputy Director Forensic Labs Maharashtra, Pvt Ltd
  4. Balsingh Rajput, IPS SP Cyber Cell, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  5. Anand Raut, Assistant Professor (Law), MNLU Mumbai

Audience: Working legal and compliance professionals, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Freelancers, Consultants, Lawyers and Law Students.

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