Internship Experience at Jayati Chowdhury and Associates, Kolkata


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Name of the organization. City

Jayati Chowdhury and Associates, Kolkata

How big was the office? Team strength?

They have two offices in the same building but not of huge size but it can suffice the working structure of the office.

The team strength is 9 excluding the councils they hire for matters presently before the court and D.R.T specially.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I mailed by C.V to

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

6 days in a week, Saturday is half day, timings are from 10.30 a.m to 6.p.m

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I am from Kolkata so stayed at my own place but it is not so difficult to find a P.G in Kolkata.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

I went to the office, though the office is not too big and decorated but it is very clean and has lots of work. But the only condition is the intern has to show his interest and come on time as it is very evident that in this profession is no one will teach you anything out of his own knowledge you have to show your own interest and hard work.

I was put under one of the junior and I started my work. They have a lot of matters in D.R.T which was a new field for me. It was very interesting to be a part of those matters.

Main tasks (in detail) 

Help in Drating original application,. Writ petitions , do research based works, draft legal notices etc

Work environment, people 

Work environment is very good and they would serve tea anytime you want.

Bad things? (Nothing is all good) 

The senior may scold you if you do any thing wrong . As you are treated as a member of the office, you are equally treated with them.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

I had two co-interns one from my own college and another from ICFAI Law school we used to go out for lunch , Kolkata is famous for street foods even tapri chai is awesome.

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The advocate under whom I was put was very jolly and would tell you every thing you want to know.

He would take you to the lower courts, D.R.T and High Court. It was really a very good experience

Stipend/ month


Anything else you’d like to tell

Do follow the timings and try to do the work given to very seriously, show your hard-work.

Biggest lessons

Got to know legal proceedings, working with these people was very big opportunity for me even the councils they were very efficient and good. Got to learn many things.

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