Internship at Navjyoti India Foundation, Gurgaon.



Name: Varun Rai Saxena, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (U.P.E.S), 1st year.

Duration/timings: Duration of internship was 21 days. From 10:30 am- 5 pm. (Sunday off)

Application procedure:  I had applied sending my CV to

They would respond soon reverting to the mails sent followed by few telephonic conversations and then one is asked to complete the official internship on their website for the final confirmation to count you in as intern.

Area of work: I happened to start up the layout on their project – Rural Training Institute (RTI). I was been taken to Institute of Rural Research and Development (IRRAD) to attend the meeting with them and was even asked to ask, question or anything on the agenda of the meeting.

Work environment, people: The work environment was friendly and well acquainted. Once you start working on a good pace, seniors will always be there to answer your infantile queries even. You will be helped throughout your journey with organisation. And moreover I had a chance to interact with a lot of new people of other departments and other organizations I was taken to.

Stipend/ month: No.

Recommendation: overall it was a great experience of working with Navjyoti foundation. Overall I’ll rate them 8/10 for their approach and helping nature towards the freshers.


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