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The Teaching wing of the Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) known as The Indian Academy of International Law & Diplomacy offers the one-year Postgraduate Diploma in the following courses:-

1. INTERNATIONAL LAW & DIPLOMACY : The Post Graduate Diploma Course in International Law and Diplomacy covers all the critical developments, from early 20th century till date, in the field of international law. The course has been revised on several occasions to incorporate the latest developments taking place in the field of international law.

Paper I. International Law
Paper II. Law of International Institutions
Paper III. International Relations and Diplomacy
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2. HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN AND REFUGEE LAWS : The whole course is conducted over two semesters – August to December and January to April and comprises of three papers.

Human Rights : 

Semester I – International Law of Human Rights    Semester II – Human Rights in India

International Refugee Law:

Semester I – Origin, Development, 1951 Convention, Definition of Refugee, Statue and Role of the UNCR,IDPs            Semester II – The UN Carter, UDHR, International Bill of Rights , CPRDT, DERD,CRC,CEDAW nad Indian Acts.

International Human Rights:

Semester I – a. Introduction to International Human Law b. Protection of Defenless              

Semester II – c. Limitation on Means and Methods of Warfare d. Law of Non – International Armed Conflicts

3. INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND BUSINESS LAW : The Society has instituted a post-graduate diploma course in International Trade and Business Law from the academic session from the year 1999.
Paper I. Private Law of International Trade
Paper II. Public Law of International Trade and International Trade Institutions
Paper III. Settlement of Disputes in International Trade
Paper IV. International Economic Institutions 

4. INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS LAW  : The Course reflects upon the Indian position regarding IPR in the background of developments in the field of International Law relating to IPR. The PG Certificate Course in IPR consists of three papers.

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Paper I
1. Intellectual Property Rights in General
2. Patents

Paper II
1. Copyrights
2. Trademark

Paper III
1. New Intellectual Property Order (This paper will introduce other related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)

5. INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: The whole course is divided into three papers.

Paper l:
Evolution and Sources of International Environ-mental Law

Paper II
1. General Principles of International and National Environmental Law
2. The Role of International Organizations in the Evolution of International Environmental Law
3. Implementation of International Environmental Law Through the Financial Mechanism

Paper III
1. Human Rights Approach to International and National Environmental Law
2. Impact of International Environmental Law in India.


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