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Editorial board of the ICFAI University Publications (“IUP”) is inviting articles from the authors/writers for its January, 2016 issue on Cyber Laws, Environmental Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Corporate & Security Laws for its upcoming Journals namely, ICFAI Journal of Cyber Laws (IJCL), ICFAI Journal of Environmental Law (IJEL), ICFAI Journal of Corporate and Security Laws (IJCSL) and ICFAI Journal of Intellectual Property Rights (IJIPR). The Journals aim and seek to create a platform to bring together changes, challenges, and future outlook in a globalised contemporary world.
The IUP is published in quarterly mode. These Journals endeavor to relook into the evolution of the aaws and envisions to make the recent researches in the area more contextual, contemporary and extensive. It seeks to provide a platform for the publication of original/first hand, thoroughly analyzed and meticulously researched articles on said subject Areas.
The submissions for the quarterly editions must be original and first print. IUP allows Co-authorship. All submissions must be word-processed, and formatted in Times New Roman, point 12, 1.5 line spacing. Footnotes must be formatted in Times New Roman, point 10, 1.0 line spacing. References and citations must be in the form of footnotes or end notes and must confirm to the latest edition of Bluebook. Further, all submissions must be around 25 pages and must contain the name of the author/s, academic qualifications, professional information, the title of the submission, and contact information.
The said submissions should be mailed in soft copy by 15/11/2015 to ijcl@iupindia.in for Cyber Law Journal, ijel@iupindia.in for environmental Laws, ijipr@iupindia.in for Intellectual Property Rights Journal and ijcsl@iupindia.in for the Corporate & Security Laws Journal keeping the subject of the mail as ‘Paper for IJCL’; ‘Paper for IJEL’; ‘Paper for IJIPR’; ‘Paper for IJCSL’ respectively.


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