GNLU & Enhelion’s 1Year Diploma Programmes[ Internet Law & Policy and Intellectual Property, Law, Management and Policy]


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GNLU and Enhelion proudly presents two co-certified diploma programmes in :

1. Internet Law and Policy 

The world of cyberspace is changing and with it the law that governs the cyberspace is also changing. This Diploma programme will be taught by leading in house experts in the field of Internet Law who deal with legal issues pertaining to the Internet on a daily basis

This diploma programme aims to provide an introduction to the Internet law in India for those who may seek a career in the technology industry.  In a span of one year, you as an enrolled student would be getting a deep and complete insight of the fundamentals of Internet Law and interesting and popular subjects such as Intermediary liability, Data Privacy, Data Protection, the nuances of Online agreements, a complete understanding of the Indian Information Technology Act and also understand many case studies pertaining to Data Privacy and Intermediary liability where the Faculty of Enhelion have personally handled legal cases and legal issues of fortune 500 companies. Through the Diploma programme you will also get an insight into the legal issues related to Internet Banking, which is a growing area of Internet law in India and the world at large.

2. Intellectual Property, laws, management and policy

This year long diploma will focus on all the aspects of Intellectual Property Law and Management. In today’s day and age, it is very important for individuals to understand the nuances of Intellectual Property and its how it can be used as an asset for the benefit of an organization/company.

This course will be essential for all business managers, businessmen, students of law and business, who in their day to day affairs would be dealing with Intellectual Property.  There are many diploma courses offered on Intellectual Property, but this is first of its kind in India. This diploma programme aims to provide an introduction to the law and management of Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation for those whose future career may involve the management of IP and innovation.  In a span of one year, you as an enrolled student, would be getting a deep insight of not only into the fundamentals of Intellectual Property, but also an insight on how major companies around the world maintain their valuable IP assets. There are separate modules of Intellectual Property Strategies, Enforcement of IP, IP Valuation, Royalty and Licensing.

  • DURATION:  One Year (May 1st, 2013- May 1st, 2014)
  • FEES: Rs.9000
  • PAYMENT:  Cheque or Demand Draft in the name of Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt Ltd.”, sent to:  Enhelion, Level 2, Elegance Mathura Road, Jasola New Delhi-110025
  • ELIGIBILTY : Any student of any college, university is eligible for our courses. Please note that even working professionals are eligible for our courses.
  • REGISTER : Register by clicking here.
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The Diploma will be awarded to participating students at the GNLU Convocation Ceremony 







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  1. Cyber law presents a challenging opportunity to those who want to foray into the technology industry. Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) in association with Enheilon, an educational and consulting services organization, is offering two dual-certification diploma programmes.

    The first is on Internet Law and Policy, where candidates will gain comprehensive insights into the basics of Internet Law, including understanding the Indian IT Act, Data Privacy, Intermediary Liability, Online Agreements and Data Protection.

    The next programme on offer titled Intellectual Property (IP), Laws, Management and Policy is a one-year diploma course which is useful for those who want a better understanding of IP rights and how to use them as assets for organizational benefit.

    With the increase in cyber crime, there is need for a new generation of online law enforcers to crack the whip when it matters. Being the early adopters to technology that they are, India’s youth brigade has the right aptitude for beating the hackers at their own game.

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