Cost Benefit of Hiring a DUI Lawyer


Facing DUI charges may have you worried about your future. After all, you might have heard of some people who have dealt with this and know they might have lost their jobs and have been having a tough time getting a new one. Others may suffer social consequences and have trouble maintaining a romantic relationship or even lose visitation rights with their children if they are divorced.

Sadly, the consequences of a DUI can follow someone for many years to come if not for life. That is why the most important thing you can do if you are in this situation is to reach out to a DUI lawyer who will help you fight for your rights and to get these DUI charges reduced or dismissed with life-changing results. Read on to understand the benefits of hiring a DUI attorney for your drunk driving charges.

How Much a Conviction Costs

In some cases, particularly when the party that is facing the charges decides to plead guilty without contesting them, the DUI can end up costing them up to $10,000. This is because whenever you are convicted of driving drunk you will have steep fines to pay.

However, even a basic fine will cost you about $600 although it can climb up to $1,000. Additionally, you will have to pay court costs and attend alcohol education and rehabilitation classes which you will have to pay out of your pocket.

There may be other costs that you will have to bear, such as:

Alcohol Testing Expenses

The court may decide that you need to have monitoring for your alcohol use for a certain period which typically runs for about a year. You would be required to pay for the monitoring.

Costs of Ignition Interlock Devices

An ignition interlock device will not allow you to get your car started if you have a blood alcohol content. You will also have to cover the cost of this device for as long as the court considers that you need to have it.

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Increases to Your Insurance Policy

You can expect to face a substantial increase in your insurance policy provided the insurance company wants to keep issuing a policy. In some cases, you may be considered too high a risk to be insured and you may have a hard time finding someone else to sell you a policy.

Fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles

You may receive a civil fine from the DMV due to your DUI.

Indirect Costs

If you lose your job or have to spend time in jail, you may suffer considerable financial losses.

How a DUI Lawyer Can Help

By hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you, you increase your chances to eliminate or greatly reduce some or all of the above costs. Although there will be fees associated with their legal services, the balance may still work in your favor.

Even if you are scared of the possible costs associated with a DUI and see no way to avoid them, an experienced DUI attorney will know how to pursue viable defenses. Your attorney may recommend you enter a not-guilty plea to allow them to review your case looking for the best strategy to defend you.

Finally, if your case goes to trial and you are found to be not guilty, there will not be any penalties imposed by the court. You will have no fines or other costs to pay and you will also not have to take an alcohol education course. You will also be able to inform your insurance carrier that you were not convicted.


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