1st UBERRIMAE FIDEI – Online Client Counselling Competition by TriangleIn, in collaboration with Victoria Jusris.


About Us

Trianglein: Trianglein is a new age media enterprise born out of the belief that the society stands on the pillars of dispassionate addressal of law, economics and people. Trianglein is also behind India’s first Legal Podcast – The  Legal  Gospel.

Victoria Juris: Victoria Juris and Associates is a full service boutique law firm based out of Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi. The firm was born out of a vision to provide affordable legal services to the corporate sector and especially startups looking to break new leagues. The firm also does Pro Bono work for relevant social causes.

About the Competition

Uberrimae Fidei is the 1st National Online Client Counselling Competition being held by TriangleIn.

Uberrimae Fidei is the Latin term for Utmost good faith. It is a principle which is sine qua non for every professional in the field law. Client Counselling stimulates a mock law-office consultation, where law students, acting as lawyers, are presented with client matters. It promotes greater interest in law and helps inculcate soft skills which encourage law students to interview and build lawyer-client relationships.

The TriangleIn takes immense pride in providing this platform to law students – so that they may hone these skills and become better legal practitioners.

Team Composition
Each team shall consist of only Two members. There can be maximum of Two teams representing one college/university.

Official Language
The official language of the Competition shall be English.

Subject Matter for Competition
The subject matter of the competition is restricted to Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Family Law, Law of Contract, Law of Torts, Business Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Tax Law, Information Technology Act, Environment Law and Labour Law.  All consultation will be based on the aforementioned laws.

Nature of Competition Rounds

The Competition shall comprise Three rounds

  • Preliminary round, all 24 teams shall compete against each other and the top 8 scoring teams shall be carried forward to the next round.
  • Semi-final round, Top 8 teams from Preliminary Round shall compete against each other and the top 2 out of them shall be carried forward to the next round.
  • The Finals, Top 2 teams from Semi-Final Round shall compete against each other and the winner and the runners up shall be declared from amongst them.

Structure of the Competition

Each round shall be divided into two segments, i.e.

  • Client- consultation session
  • Post- consultation session.
  • Client-consultation Session– The team is expected to elicit information from the client, outline the dispute, analyze the issues involved and propose solutions to resolve the disputes. The teams have the liberty to decide how they would want to approach their work. Both participants are expected to contribute to the consultation process as team.
  • Post Consultation Session– Each team is expected to conduct a post-consultation discussion amongst themselves after the client leaves the room for 5 minutes following which client will rejoin and the team will be required to give their advice to the client during which the presiding Judges may ask them questions, if they deem fit

Note : The participants are expected to speak loud enough to be audible to the judges. The clients would be trained law students associated with TriangleIn.

Time Limit

  1. Preliminary Rounds & Semi- Final Rounds
    Each team shall have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the session. 10 minutes each shall be allocated to the following:

    • the consultation session with the client,
    • the post-consultation session and
  1. Final Round
    Each team shall have a maximum of 30 minutes to complete the session. 15 minutes each shall be allocated to each of the following:
  • the consultation session with the client,
  • the post-consultation session
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Rules For the Competition

  • Participants can use their own Reference Material (Bare Acts, Books etc.)
  • The identity of the participants and their colleges shall be kept confidential throughout the Course of the competition.
  • It will be considered that the registered participant is well-equipped with stable internet connection and devices through which they will be participating in the competition.
  • The organizers will not bear any liability for any disruption or issues regarding the internet connection or otherwise from the participant side during the competition if there are any.
  • The participants must bear in mind that No Electronic Modes of Information can be used or accessed during the Competition. Except the Device Used for Video Conferencing.
  • The decision of Judges shall be final and binding.
  • The organizers reserve the right regarding the conduct of the event.

Judging Criteria

The Marking scheme shall comprise of 50 marks per participant, which shall be distributed as follows:

  • Presence of mind = 10 marks
  • Ability to provide legal solution = 10 marks
  • Tactfully handling the client = 10 marks
  • Extracting relevant information from client = 10 marks
  • Audible summarizing & team work (Post Consultation) = 10 mark

Dress Code

The participants are expected to wear Business Formals for all the rounds of the Competition and the Award Ceremony. Uniforms comprising neck ties/ cravats of the law colleges/ law schools are not allowed.


Winner – ₹ 5,000/- E-Certificate of merit and Online Internship

Runner Ups – ₹ 3,000/- and E-Certificate of merit

Best Client – ₹ 2,000/- and E-Certificate of merit

E-Certificate of Participation will be provided to each participant.

Eligibility & Registration

  • The TriangleIn invites students of law pursuing their LL.B (Hons.)/ LL.B/ LL.M from any recognized university to register as a participant.
  • There can be maximum of Two teams representing one college/university.
  • A maximum of 24 registrations are allowed in this competition, on the basis of first come first serve.

Registration Details

  • Participants shall receive an acknowledgement E-mail on successful submission of Registration Form and Transaction Id.

Important dates:

DAY 1: 1st August 2020 (Preliminary Round)

DAY 2 : 2nd August 2020 (Semi- Finals and Finals)

Contacts Information

Brochure: Uberrimae Fidei – Client Counselling

In case any queries or clarifications regarding the competition, the teams may contact:

Student Member Ankit Raturi +91 82875 92403
Student Member Preksha Gupta +91 99106 30926
Student Member Sakshi Verma +91 98736 90960
Student Member Vishal Agrawal +91 83778 59893

Or mail their queries events.trianglein@gmail.com


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