Committee appointed for studying Data Protection Framework for India


With India on the path to digitization on all walks of life including the governance of our country, there have been many questions raised on the data protection , its security and on the privacy of the citizens as well as the Government. India might be one of the major contributors to the I.T.Sector in the world, however, India herself lags behind in the digital way of life, and this in turn has lead to many breaches of data as we are still in the early stages of digitization with no proper or stringent framework in place to counter such lags. In short, the environment is conducive for the countless breaches of data and for the security risks to occur regarding the data.

To overcome these issues, a committee of experts has been appointed by the Government of India to study the data protection framework for India. And the Committee will also draft a data protection bill based on its study. This Committee will be chaired by Justice B N Srikrishna, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and other members from from Government, Academia and Industry. They will study and identify key data protection issues and recommend methods for addressing them.

Source: The WirePIB, India

Image Source: SCC Online


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