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The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is now accepting submissions for its 2013-14 edition. Submission guidelines are available for download here. Details as below:


The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is India’s first student run journal that is wholly devoted to intellectual property law. Published annually, it is an endeavour of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad in collaboration with the N.C. Banerjee Centre for Intellectual Property Law. The Journal, now in its sixth year of publication, serves as a forum for seeking out quality academic writing in the constantly evolving field of intellectual property law. The Journal aims at not only documenting student scholarship but also serves to boost the intellectual property academia in the country. The force behind IJIPL is its three member student Editorial Board which is assisted by an Advisory Panel consisting of several renowned experts in the field of intellectual property law. The journal accepts submissions in the form of articles, essays, notes and comments.

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is pleased to invite contributions for Volume VI of 2014. This year, the Journal seeks to invite manuscripts dealing with general intellectual property law and related interdisciplinary fields, as well as those pertaining to a particular area-in-focus: Intellectual Property and the Global South: Changing and Conflicting Paradigms. As the universalizing discourse evolves and grows, and those who claim to speak on behalf of the World seek to frame global norms and set international standards, the question of representation of affected stakeholders is a prime concern. The intellectual property rights debates typify this trend, with the emergence of standards that are touted to be international, but in reality are framed by the global North. Though concerns from below have sometimes been accommodated, as seen most recently in the Marrakesh Treaty and the Novartis decision, the history of law making through treaties and agreements, is undercut by a stark lack of representation of third worldism and the global South, while framing such norms.

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Free Trade Agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership amongst others shrouded in secrecy; monetization of biodiversity and patenting of genetic codes; the general notion of forum shifting and the TRIPS plus standards all evince the global North’s attempts to protect their interests. However, changing perspectives have required the increased cooperation and consideration of the interests of the global South, moving beyond the tokenism that has characterized the IP debates of the past decade. An indicative list of topics is not presented, but it is heavily encouraged for contributors to submit innovative, interdisciplinary papers which broadly deal with the concerns of the theme. Manuscripts that are not strictly pertaining to the theme will also be considered for submission.

The Journal promotes original scholarship and hence all manuscripts sent for publication must contain original thought and research and must be previously unpublished.

The Submissions must be made in accordance with the Submission Guidelines and Editorial Policy as attached herewith.

Submissions are to be mailed to and a copy marked to

For any queries please mail:

The last date for submission is February 20th, 2014.


Debarpan Ghosh
Sanya Samtani
Yashashree Mahajan

The Board of Editors (2013-2014)

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law

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