9 Reasons to Choose an Agency for Your Surrogacy Process


One of the biggest decisions you will need to make during your surrogacy journey is choosing whether to go solo or seek the help of a surrogacy professional. While some intended parents decide to navigate their surrogacy process on their own, others prefer to work with a full-service surrogacy agency because of the benefits they offer.  

In this article, we are going to look at nine reasons why you should partner with an agency for your surrogacy journey.

1. Surrogacy is complicated

Surrogacy is a complicated process with many moving parts. There are many steps and legalities involved in gestational surrogacy, and things can easily go wrong if you don’t have an intimate knowledge of how it works. By working with a surrogacy agency, you can lower the risk of medical and legal complications and ensure that your parenthood journey goes as smoothly as possible.

  1. An agency handles every aspect of the surrogacy

Agencies manage the surrogacy process for the intended parents from start to finish. They will coordinate with professionals to ensure that each step of the surrogacy is well handled. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other important things, like welcoming your new baby home, while your surrogacy expert will take care of all the details for you.

  1. You will work with experienced medical professionals and lawyers

Surrogacy agencies can help you find a competent surrogacy attorney and medical professionals you can rely on for your journey. They can refer you to specialists they have worked with to ensure your surrogacy process is completed without any issues. If you are doing an independent surrogacy, you will have to research and choose the medical and legal professionals yourself, which can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the surrogacy or egg donation process.

  1.   Agencies select high-quality surrogates                 

Every surrogacy agency has a set of requirements that aspiring surrogates need to meet before they are chosen. They also carry out an extensive screening process to be sure that the would-be surrogate is physically, medically, and emotionally fit to go on a surrogacy journey. So, when you work with an agency for your surrogacy process, you are more likely to be matched with a top-quality surrogate, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy and delivery.

5. Agencies provide continuous support and counseling

Surrogacy is an emotional process for everyone involved. As an intended parent, it can be difficult to give up control and allow another person to carry your child. For gay couples, having a  baby through surrogacy means that only one of them will be genetically related to the baby, which can elicit a wide range of emotions in the other partner. Surrogacy agencies have a team of mental and reproductive experts who will provide the support and counseling you need as you navigate the surrogacy process.

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6. You will have access to a larger pool of surrogates

Surrogacy agencies run large marketing programs that allow them to attract aspiring surrogates from different backgrounds and ethnicities. They usually have an extensive database of prescreened, carefully selected surrogates who are willing to help others create a family. So, when working with an agency, you are more likely to find a gestational carrier with the characteristics you desire than if you are going solo.

7. The surrogacy agency will mediate contact between you and your surrogate

There are many sensitive topics that should be discussed before starting your surrogacy journey, such as your contact expectation, selective termination, and so on. This conversation can be difficult if you are the one managing the surrogacy process yourself. When you work with an agency, your surrogacy professional will handle these serious discussions, allowing you to concentrate on getting to know the surrogate mother and maintaining a good relationship with her.

8. You can be sure that you are ready for the surrogacy process before starting

Surrogacy is a huge financial and time commitment. So, it’s important to be sure that you are ready to put your money and efforts into the surrogacy process. A surrogacy agency can save you from disappointments or avoidable delays by making sure that you are mentally and financially ready before embarking on this journey.

9. Your agency will ensure that your rights and interests are protected

Your agency will work with an attorney to ensure that all surrogacy laws are followed during the process. This lawyer will also help create the surrogacy contract that will state the responsibilities and rights of you and your surrogate. Plus, he or she will provide legal counsel and assistance that can help you claim the parentage of your surrogacy baby.


While independent surrogacy may be less expensive, it can also be overwhelming. Besides, you are more likely to make mistakes when you’re navigating the surrogacy process on your own. So, it’s best to work with a reputable agency, especially if you are new to surrogacy. Your agency will do all the hard work and ensure your surrogacy journey goes as smoothly as possible.

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