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South Asia Students For Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program takes the best and the brightest pro-liberty students from across South Asia and gives them training, resources, a network, and other tools with which they can effectively organize and make an impact in their universities, cities and regions.

If accepted for the program, you will go through a rigorous training process on a range of subjects like economics, politics, philosophy and public policy along with ideas-based activism including leadership, communication, social change, new and old media, student organizing, activism and others. This is followed by a sponsored Local Coordinator Retreat in which LCs meet and discuss their strategy for the year.

Students For Liberty has more than​​​ 1300 student groups all over the world with Executive Boards in North America, Latin Speaking Americas, Brazil, Europe, Africa and South Asia. Over the past year, we have hosted 43 conferences for 8,429 students and trained over 600 students to become SFL leaders.

Join SFL in creating a free academy, and a free society.

Apply for the South Asia Local Coordinator Program here:
Find more details here:

Abhinav at [email protected]
Kiran at [email protected]

Last Date for Application: 7th April

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