MIKE: Asia’s first Artificially Intelligent Legal Researcher


Mike is an enterprise solution built using AI allowing it to be a lawyers’ assistant that gets legal research done, so they can focus on higher profits and more clients. Using advanced AI, Mike is able to scout through millions of documents to give you the most relevant answer by understanding the context and intent of your research.

All the movies and tv shows makes you believe that a lawyer is either roaming in expensive cars or arguing in courts. However, in reality it is only a part of a lawyer’s life. One of the most ignored and yet the most important task that all lawyers do is legal research. Since it involves going through a lot of books and precedents, it is a very tedious and time taking task and hence it is never shown or marketed as a part of lawyer’s life. No one enjoys legal research and yet every lawyers has to research in some way or the other.

Currently, legal tools in India use ‘key-word’ based search which shifts the onus on the lawyer from finding the correct ‘key-word’ to finding the relevant passage or principle in the massive pool of judgments. This, further, complicates the process of legal research. Moreover current tools are simple databases that don’t really give lawyers a deeper insight into the legal data making strategizing or consulting on cases time consuming and difficult. Legal research is a non-billable activity which means any amount of time a lawyer’s spends on legal research is actually leading to loss of money.

However we, at Mike, have launched a solution to not just help lawyers in finding the relevant passage in the entire judgment but also to not rely on ‘key-words’. Mike is Asia’s first artificially intelligent legal researcher which helps lawyers reduce their time spent on legal research. Mike uses artificial intelligence to ensure that a lawyer does not spend time in thinking of key-words and can understand the context and intent of a lawyer’s question allowing them to ask Mike research questions in simple english. Moreover Mike learns from  a lawyer’s feedback and actually becomes smarter with each use, so you could have the smartest legal researcher within your team at a minimal cost. The aim of Mike is to build multiple tools powered by artificial intelligence that helps a lawyer in strategizing better and effectively.

Having launched just a month back, Mike has already been adopted by various law firms and corporates including Nishith Desai Associates, Altacit global, ZeusIP to name a few to get legal research done faster and better.

Artificial intelligence is changing industries across the globe and the impact that startups like Mike can make in the legal sector would be interesting to see.




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