XVII International Conference : Re-Imagining Theory: Towards New Horizons in the Humanities and the Social Sciences


The seventeenth International Conference of the Forum on Contemporary Theory will be held in Goa from the 21st to the 24th of December 2014 at the International Centre in collaboration with the International Lincoln Centre for American Studies, Louisiana State University in Shreveport , USA . The theme of the conference is: “Re-Imagining Theory: Towards New Horizons in the Humanities and the Social Sciences.” 

Date- 21-24 December 2014  

Venue- International Centre, Goa  

Convener- R. Radhakrishnan

Chancellor’s Professor of English and Comparative Literature

University of California at Irvine, USA  

This Call for Papers is intended very much in the Saidian spirit of opening up the Social Sciences and the Humanities to a critique that is simultaneously internal and external. What are the possibilities of realizing theory as immanent critique?  What is the nature of theory’s accountability both to itself and the world that it seeks to understand and re-present?  In the name of what does theory speak?  How does theory have to be revitalized so that it can function as an oppositional critique informed by the imperative to “speak Truth to Power,” rather than as an indifferent self-replicating system that reiterates “business as usual?”  To echo Raymond Williams, how should theory be realized both as project and as formation, i.e., as a way of thinking and doing that in being self-reflexive is always in tune with “the constitutive outside?”  The Social Sciences and the Humanities have the unique obligation “to always historicize” and “to always theorize,” and in the process produce new ways of understanding how history and theory, existence and the Cogito interrupt and interrogate each other.  

Special Session

A plenary session of the conference will be devoted to a close reading of B. R. Ambedkar’s 1936 text Annihilation of Caste. However, this close reading is expected to take into account the immediate political and social context in which it was written and circulated, and our own context now when the question of caste has reinvigorated our political discourse.

By re-issuing the text recently with a long introduction by Arundhati Roy, Navayana Publishers have brought to our attention that Hinduism with its entrenched caste system still continues to be the Achilles heel in the charged debates about our identity as a nation.

Submission Deadline

500-word abstract or proposal is due by August 31, 2014. The abstract should have a title for the presentation along with the name and institutional affiliation of the presenter and should be mailed as an email attachment to R. Radhakrishnan, the Convener of the Conference ([email protected]), with a copy marked to Prafulla Kar ([email protected]). Complete papers should be limited to 12 pages (approximately 20 minutes of reading time). A longer version may be submitted for possible publication in the Journal of Contemporary Thought or in the conference volume brought out by the Forum. The completed paper should reach the Convener of the Conference by November 15, 2014.

Conference Volume

Select papers from the conference and from those submitted in response to the “Call for Papers” will be included in the conference volume. Completed papers for the conference volume should reach the Conference Convener as email attachments by April 10, 2015.

Registration Deadline

The last date for receiving the registration fee is September 20, 2014. The fee may be paid through a bank draft drawn in favor of Forum on Contemporary Theory payable in Baroda. Overseas participants may pay through checks drawn in favor of Forum on Contemporary Theory. The amount should be sent to the Forum’s address mentioned on this leaflet. We encourage the participants to register early so that their accommodation is secured at the International Centre, Goa where the conference would be held. Those who pay late will be accommodated in other hotels or in the University Guesthouse. All participants need to be pre-registered. The registration fee is non-refundable. Each participant will share the room with another participant. The following are the details of the registration fee:

1. Participant from India (life member of the Forum) – Rs. 6000/


2. Participant from India (non-member)                     – Rs. 8000/

3. Overseas Participant (non-SAARC country)         – US $500/

4. Overseas Participant (SAARC country)                –  US $250/

5. Local Participant (non-member)                             –  Rs.4000/

6. Local Participant (life member of the Forum)        –  Rs.2500/  

The registration fee from the outstation participant will take care of board and lodging from the afternoon of the 21st to lunch time on the 24th December 2014. The checking out time is: 12 noon. The participants should arrive in the afternoon on the 21st and stay on until the end of the conference on the 24th. The conference will begin at about 9 am on the 22nd December and end with lunch on the 24th.  The 21st afternoon could be utilized for local sightseeing.

For more visit: http://fctworld.org/17th%20international_conference.htm