Writing for a change – Online Internship-cum-certification


We, at The Law Blog (thelawblog.in), are pleased to announce our Internship-cum-certification Programme for law students and legal professionals from across the globe.

The internship will require legal writing, and therefore is recommended for law students only. However, students from other branches also may apply for the same and will be considered after following the due process.


As for the certification course, the title of the certification course is ‘Writing for a change’ which is an online certification course on Blogging for Social Development. The certification course will be focusing on the learner’s ability to blog effectively and use the online opportunities towards her/his professional development as well as contribute to the social development as a whole.

Towards the completion of the certification course, every week the interns will be provided with the course material for the week on the basis of which they’ll be facing an online test.

As for the internship part, the interns are expected to submit at least one article (around 500-1000 words) per week using the lessons learnt from the certification course material of that week, the deadline being Friday evening for each week. Regarding the topic of the article, anything relating to law will be acceptable.

So, the programme will go something like this:

  • Start of month – Internship commences.
  • Start of each week – Interns are given course material from the certification course – Interns go through the materials – Interns write an article and submit it by Friday.
  • End of month – Online test.

Further details will be provided to the applicants after they have been selected for the ‘Writing for Change’ Programme.


  • Certification

Subject to successful completion and timely submission, the interns will be awarded e-certificates for the following:

  1. Certified ‘Writer for change’
  2. Internship Certificate
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  • Recognition:

While posting the article on the website, due credit will be given to the respective authors. Authors of respective articles are featured on the website along with their short bio.

  • An enriching experience:

We assure the interns a highly enriching experience while interning with us. Along with working for spreading legal awareness, we’ll also work together on improving your writing skills, in a cooperative setup.

  • Critical appraisal:

The write-ups of the interns will be critically evaluated and the interns will be provided with positive appraisal as well as suggestions to further improve their writing skills.


So, if you have finally decided to apply for the Internship-cum-certification Programme, kindly click on the link below, and fill up the Google form therein. Thereafter, we’ll contact you shortly.

Application form here!

For any queries, drop a Whatsapp text message to +91 70603 24928.

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