Workshop on Conflict Reporting and Mediation @NLU Mumbai – 14-15 June 2019


Course Content:

  1. Overview of Disputes and Conflicts
  2. Approach to Disputes
  3. Role of Journalists in reporting of Conflicts/ Disputes
  4. Legal provisions and Ethics relating to reporting Conflicts/ Disputes/Court cases in India
  5. Relationship of “Freedom of Speech’ with Conflict Reporting
  6. Building Objectivity and Neutrality whilst reporting Conflicts.
  7. Distinguishing between Propaganda, Opinion and Information


The objective of this workshop is to address the urgent need of unbiased conflict-reporting in the Media. We see Media personnel getting into disputes regarding their ‘reporting’ and at the same time have seen public attacks on Media personnel and freedom of speech. This Workshop will give an understanding of perspective, ethics and spectrum of reporting of conflicts.


Print and TV Media Journalists, Social Media handlers, Publishers of Newspapers and Magazines and Digital content, Lawyers handling Media Disputes and Mediation experts. The workshop will also introduce the concept of Mediation in resolving Disputes related to Media and Print Journalism.

Course Faculty:

Ms. Tanu Mehta

Mr. Jonathan Rodrigues

Course Fee

Rs 3,500/- inclusive of lunch and tea. Accommodation can be provided on request at additional cost.

To register, e-mail [email protected] or send a message to +91 70450 92292

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