The Future India Fellowship Program




The Future India Fellowship Program is an exceptional and rare opportunity for aspiring leaders who wish and dream for India. This fellowship is for the few who see the seamlessness and the connections between the world of business, society, governance and policy. The program encourages participants to channelize their skills with some of our spearheads and also get an off hand experience of working with Future Ideas.

The program also works as an Incubation cell for the fellows. The dream is to help the youth realize their idea and deliberate its impact on the India of tomorrow. Here the idea will be shaped, nurtured and questioned such that the fellows take with them not just a dream but the responsibility that comes with the execution of the idea.

This Program is designed to make the fellows realize the power behind the potential role of youth as nation builders, through the interposition of business, society and policy. It will challenge the participating fellows to re-imagine the definition of success and measurement and constantly provoke to enable decision making with a holistic stakeholder view. We aim at also building thought-leading skills in the participating fellows through the exposure of various facets of business, culture, community and the society on the whole.

The Program is designed to prepare fellows for a future in diverse organizations or as entrepreneurs and thought leaders, wherein they can lead through values. The fellows will become more deliberate and will create a deeper impact to make their communities, societies, businesses and the world a more thought through space.


The Fellowship Program has been designed to provide a holistic experience of India and its many realities. The Program aims to be an exciting journey where the fellows sensitize themselves to the roles that they each play and the collective responsibility of each towards the nation.

The program will focus on developing the fellows as “thought leaders” and also serve as an “incubation lab” that will shape their dream.

Through the nine months of the fellowship, the fellows will be engaging with thought leaders from the world of business, academia, culture, society and media. They will also go through various Learning and Development training modules in areas such as Personal effectiveness, Leadership, Team management, Operational effectiveness, Project Management to name a few and a 14 day Bharat Darshan into India’s cities, towns and communities wherein the fellows will get a first hand chance to explore the different facets of evolving India and the concerns thereby.

The fellows will also have the rare opportunity of developing themselves as well as their potential ideas by incubating them under the guidance of our stalwarts with relentless support from the team at Future Ideas.Future Group/Future Ideas does not commit to any kind of funding for the ideas incubated during the course of the program. However, the valuable network that the program offers may provide a platform for the fellows to launch/fund their ideas.
In addition to this, the Fellows will have the privilege of working in the dynamic office of the Future Group in Mumbai. They will have access to the group’s resources, libraries, leadership sessions and knowledge networks.


Time Duration: 9 month program starting August 15th, 2013 and ending May 15th, 2014.

No. of Students to be selected: 5

Location: Mumbai, India

Stipend and Accommodation: A stipend of Rs. 20,000 per month will be offered along with accommodation in Mumbai,India.



We are looking for individuals who are innately curious, self motivated, can think seamlessly and have a provoking and dynamic point of view, one that is constantly questioning an devolving.

This program is perfect for those:

who believe that their chosen profession is more than a vocation, it should reflect THEIR LIFE PURPOSE

who believe that SUCCESS MEANS TO CREATE VALUE in their lives and others, not merely fame or fortune




To be eligible for the fellowship program, the prospective fellows should atleast have an undergraduate degree. (Students who have finished their final exams can also apply)

Students who have finished their post graduation can also apply.

The fellowship is open students of all backgrounds and disciplines, as long as the applicants are able to strike a critical balance between analytical and creative thinking.

Please note: Due to several requests, the fellowship will be accepting applications from interested candidates of age up to 35 years.



Applicants will need to submit the duly-filled application form, their resumes (along with photograph) along with the following two documents:

A paper (max. 1000 words) to present original views towards the following

A proposal by the government to introduce the new companies’ bill mandating CSR spending for companies having Rs.5 crore or more profits in the last three years.

Applicants are encouraged to present their critical analysis and a framework through which this law should be viewed.

An Original Idea for Incubation:
Applicants are to submit their original idea or specific vision, which will create economic as well social impact in the Indian context. Fellows are free to share this in any form that they find fit (can be a document, portfolio, photo-journal etc.).

Please note: The Incubation Idea should be presented in a clear and methodical manner. The recommended framework for this deliverable involves introducing the idea/concept for incubation; why you think this idea is relevant in the context of India’s social and economic progress?; what support do you think you need in order to incubate the idea successfully? And lastly, why you think that this fellowship is the ideal launchpad for you.

Thereafter, the applicants will be shortlisted for a final round of interview with our admission panel.

Application Deadline: 25th July, 2013


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