The Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan


When India speaks of becoming self-reliant, it doesn’t advocate self-centred system. In India’s self-reliance, there is concern for the whole world’s happiness, cooperation and peace                                                                                                                                                                                                     : Prime Minister Modi

Recently on Tuesday, PM Modi while talking about the pre and post COVID-19 situation in the world, he observed that in order to fulfill the dream of making the 21st century India’s, the way forward is through ensuring that the country becomes self-reliant. He talked about  turning a crisis into an opportunity, he said that during this period the production of N-95 marks and PPE kits has gone up from almost being negligible to 2 lakh each, on a daily basis. He noted that the world trusts that India has a lot to contribute towards the development of the entire humanity.

Five pillars of a self-reliant India

Recalling the devastation in Kutch after the earthquake, Prime Minister said that through determination and resolve, the area was back on its feet. A similar determination is needed to make the country self-reliant.

He said that a self-reliant India will stand on five pillars viz. Economy, which brings in quantum jump and not incremental change; Infrastructure, which should become the identity of India; System, based on 21st century technology driven arrangements; Vibrant Demography, which is our source of energy for a self-reliant India; and Demand, whereby the strength of our demand and supply chain should be utilized to full capacity. He underlined the importance of strengthening all stakeholders in the supply chain to increase, as well as fulfill, the demand.

“I announce a special economic package today. This will play an important role in the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’. The announcements made by the government over Covid-19, decisions of RBI and today’s package totals to Rs 20 lakh crores. This is 10 per cent of India’s GDP,” PM Narendra Modi said in his address to the nation.

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The idea is not to make India an isolationist country, but to build a confident India capable of contributing to the world’s growth                                                               – Nirmala Sitharaman

According to PM Modi  the path for Indian economic revival is self-reliance.

PM Modi said that the financial package will help revive every branch of the economy – from demand, supply chain to manufacturing. He said to achieve self reliance the package will focuse on  land, labour, liquidity and laws.

“The economic package will help cottage industries, home industry, small-scale industries, MSMEs, which are the means of livelihood for crores of people. This package is also for farmers, who toil in different weather conditions and for the middle class who pay their taxes on time,” PM Modi said.

In his address to the nation he urged the people of India to buy local brands and products. He urged the people to be ‘vocal for the local’.

“Time has taught us that we must make ‘local’ the mantra of our lives. Global brands that are there today were once local too but when people there started supporting them they became global. That is why from today, every Indian must become vocal for our local,” PM Modi said.

During this address he did not gave a clarity on Lockdown 4.0. He just said that the information, based on states’ input, will be made available on or before May 18.

लॉकडाउन का चौथा चरण, लॉकडाउन 4,
पूरी तरह नए रंग रूप वाला होगा, नए नियमों वाला होगा।

राज्यों से हमें जो सुझाव मिल रहे हैं, उनके आधार पर लॉकडाउन 4
से जुड़ी जानकारी भी आपको
18 मई से पहले
दी जाएगी: PM @narendramodi

India has so far reported over 74,200 COVID-19 cases. It includes around 2,415 casualities & 24,386 people, who have been recovered from the disease.



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