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The Statute of the Commission requires it to undertake and promote research in the field of human rights (Section 12(g) of the Act). Accordingly, it conducts research studies in collaboration with universities, technical institutions and non-governmental organizations. The Commission also enlists young interns to participate in its research work. For the Commission, it has become increasingly important to link research with themes that have practical worth for the better protection of human rights. The Commission has, therefore,endeavoured to take up research programmes which could be structured around the possibility of practical steps being taken at the ground level. Thus, the research is not only directed to ascertain ground realities, build data-bases, etc., but also to set up networks in the country that can be activated to promote and protect human rights and combat violations of such rights. Every year the Commission sponsors a number of studies and has laid down ‘Guidelines for Sponsoring Short/Long Term Research Projects’ [Download] .

Ongoing Research Projects :

  1. A Pilot Project for promotion of Human Rights of Persons with Mental Illness Languishing in Chamatkari Hanumanji temple in Chindwara District of Madhya Pradesh. It has been entrusted to Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta (SEVAC). The main objective of the project is to create awareness for bringing the mental health patients languishing in the temple under the purview of psychiatric treatment and operating a psychiatric camp at the temple premises for diagnosis and counselling.
  2. Developing Code of Ethics for Indian Industries. This has been entrusted to the Institute of Corporate Sustainability Management (ICSM) Trust, New Delhi. The main objective of the study is to develop a code of ethics for Indian industries by drawing from international norms and The project will review company’s employee’s policies and procedure manual including gender policy, purchase policy, employment compensation and benefit and promotion policy, environment policy, community policy, international relationship policy etc. Board members, accounting personnel, human resources personnel, marketing personnel, vendors, customers, consumer courts etc. will be contacted to collect information besides institutions like pollution control board, labour commissioner, social welfare board etc. and individuals responsible for community development and environmental programmes. For the study, data will be collected from ten sectors namely steel, power, mines, cement, paper, FMCG, sugar, banking & MFI, textile and pharma.

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There are also a number of projects which have been completed which are still available on the official website of NHRC for you to have a look at .


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