PRYS : Patliputra Rashtriya Yuva Sansad Competition, 2017, Patna


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India is the world’s largest democracy, and its beauty lies in the magnificence of its parliamentary form of government and also having a to and fro knowledge of the international happenings. It is the place where legislators structure policies; frame laws, discuss and debate on issues that affects the lives of trillions. They shoulder as the representative of the common masses of the world. It thus, becomes very crucial to embark the grandeur of this magnificent machinery of the differed UN committees and parliament in its purest form among the young minds of the nation so that they can inculcate appreciation for the same. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” these words by Benjamin Franklin suggest us the perfect method towards achieving this noble goal. PRYS, is first of its kind mega event organized in the state of Bihar with a sheer cause, with participants joining in from across the country, clustering it with the diversity which lies in the soul of India. The tournament being an open tournament, invites people from all across the country as delegates to ensure high standards of debating by bringing in the best possible competitors as well as meticulous judging in the tournament. To make this a life time experience, the students will be exposed to noted politicians, eminent personalities and bureaucrats who will broaden the horizons and enlighten with their presence. The procedure for registration is simple and easy. Willing students can register through the online method.


  1. The Lok Sabha – Reviewing the 3 years of NDA Government.
  2. The Rajya Sabha – Deliberation on Women safety & Empowerment.
  3. The Bihar Vidhan Sabha – Reviewing of Liquor Ban; Formulation of New Agriculture Policy for Bihar.
  4. The Stake Holders Meet – Discussing possible Solution for the Ram Mandir.
  5. AIPPM – Review of Special Status to Indian States.
  6. Futuristic Crisis Committee – Crisis in Kashmir Valley.

Important dates:

10th and 11th of June, 2017


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  • Non-Accommodation – ₹ 999
  • Accommodation – ₹ 1800

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