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Rakshak Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in Santa Clara, California, which researches different public policy issues and creates awareness about them and also sponsor Seminars on public policy matters, sponsor activities to involve the youth including volunteerism and support programs to help the needy. Rakshak Foundation is dedicated to the propagation of social harmony, creating awareness on issues affecting Indians and NRI’s living around the world and cultivating a sense of duty and responsibility amongst Indians living worldwide. Rakshak also make efforts to address issues affecting NRI’s by representing their problems to the US lawmakers and relevant U.S. Government agencies and also interact with the Indian Consulates, Indian Embassy and the Indian Government.

Rakshak Foundation is actively engaged and seeks volunteers in the following areas (click on the project for details) :

The Rakshak Foundation constantly engages itself in reviewing bills under consideration in the Parliament and thereby strive to initiate policy changes by publishing their research and organising policy debates and discussions on these issues.

Citizen Participation is an utmost need of the time. Do we actually participate in making our society a better place. We only keep complaining. For Citizen’s participation to be truly effective, it is necessary for the people to be involved in all stages of planning, design, implementation and evaluation of an urban program or project. The very success of the project may sometimes depend on the degree of participation of the beneficiaries.

With growing population in India, citizens experience a wide disparity in the quality of, and access to, infrastructure and services. The lack of high quality infrastructure, security and services hinders cities’ ability to become engines of inclusive, sustainable growth.

Researchers and local population can come forward  to engage themselves in projects to develop innovative solutions to most important challenges in the areas of space constraint in cities, public transport, safe drinking water, sanitation, public safety and security, energy efficiency, waste processing, pollution and institutional reforms.

Rakshak Foundation aims at improved efficiency, promotes professionalism and help in setting high standards of transparency and accountability in public life.

Rakshak is trying to build a well architectured system that would be integrated with popular modes of communication such as internet, mobile telephony. Rakshak is actively engaging with those in the public administration and the ministry who support the cause and are willing to partner with us.

Accordingly Rakshak invite volunteers to join their team to define and build such a system and also researchers to review the practices and existing infrastructure in public offices and propose practical measures to achieve the goals of transparency, efficiency and freedom from corruption.

Education is not only responsible for social and economic progress but also opens up opportunities leading to both individual and group entitlements. In its broadest sense it helps in development of youth by making them independent and overall improving the quality of life. It helps in their greater and active participation in the political process. Also they learn to be confident.

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Volunteers are invited to join the team of the foundation those who are researching on the education curriculum at the primary schooling all the way to the high schools to identify the gaps that exist at various stages. Rakshak  have tasked its volunteers to evolve a complementary curriculum such that it can be introduced to students in a workshop setting allowing the students to benefit from its diverse content.

Rakshak believes that TV can be an instrument to promote the harmony in the society by emphasizing and educating the masses with what is good and positive in each faith and what good work is being done by the followers of each faith.  The individuals who are working for the poor and those public officials who actually work for the benefit and upliftment of the society must be invited on TV to speak about their approach to work which will encourage their co-workers to follow similar practices and it will foster a bond between the public and the public servant. TV is a visual medium which can benefit even the illiterate, especially the adults through regional language programs. Citizens need to be informed and educated about their rights, they need to be informed the phone numbers of various services, procedures to get a problem addressed with clear accountability of public servants, to be informed of clear steps and procedure to submit an RTI application or a complaint in a Consumer Forum and so on.

Rakshak wish to help evolve suitable controls and policies through discussions, public debate on various for foras and can devote a certain proportion of their total telecast for programs which provide the citizens with facts, information, knowledge of local issues, opinions of thinkers, experts and respected members of the society.


There are discussion forums on the official site of rakshak foundation (  for each of the projects where you can drop your ideas and get into discussions. Even internship oppurtunities are available.




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