One-Week Certificate Course (Online) on IPR in India and their Protection from 20th to 24th March 2021- MNLU Mumbai, MCGL & MBCET


About the course:

Intellectual Property is a subject of increasing global importance. Policymakers have long recognized the need for IP rights to protect the inventions and creative works of individuals and firms. In an age when knowledge capital, the product of the intellect, has become an increasingly important basis of social and economic progress, IP has acquired unprecedented importance, and issues relating to the generation, evaluation, protection, and exploitation of IP systems have become crucial. However, at present, there is a lack of sufficient understanding and knowledge on IPRs among the people dealing with IPRs at different levels including post-TRIPs developments in IPR and digital reforms that have simplified IPR procedures and made them user-friendly. In view of this, a comprehensive and compact Single Credit Online Certificate Course is prepared on the Fundamentals of IPRs. The present course is bound to benefit all those engaged in the manufacture, services, business, IP-education and research by enriching their knowledge, skill and expertise and may include legal fraternity, professionals, IP-academicians, industry managers, MSME, Startups, students in IPRs and individuals and enterprises willing to protect their Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights. The course is meticulously designed to impart detail legal and practical knowledge on all aspects of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Designs along with recent technical developments and process re-engineering that have taken place over the years. Faculties for the present course include senior officials of the Indian Intellectual Property Office and reputed IPR professionals who are known for their knowledge and expertise.

Course Registration

The course is open for industry professionals, engineering students, executives, academicians, researchers, legal professionals, students and potential applicants for patents who wish to get detailed legal and practical knowledge in IPR that will be helpful in their profession and studies. The present course is bound to benefit all the participants by enriching their knowledge, skill and expertise in patenting system.

Course Fee

For Students & Research Scholars – Rs. 1250/-

For students of MGCL & MBCET- Rs. 900/-

For Professionals, Advocates, Academicians and others – Rs.1500/-

Official Link:

MGCL Course 

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