NUJS SEAA has kept me waiting for eternity


07-wbnujspgdbl2012Participating in an essay writing competition is a regular activity for a law student. It takes around a month for working on an essay and researching the material to draft it and then finally forwarding it to the organizing body. It needs immense labour for the participants who really work to win the prize.

A hopeless situation came to the academic career of mine after the participation in 2nd NUJS Environmental Law Essay Competition 2014-15. As soon as I saw the notification, an immense interest to participate was developed. I worked for around a month to submit it prior to the deadline given by the college. Every rules and regulations were followed by me so that I do not get disqualified to participate in it. According to the notification mentioned by them, the results for the same were supposed to get declared by last week of March 2015.

 Accepting to the invitation I participated in a hope to win the competition. I was quite disappointed when the result was not declared by the college within the specific period. Just to confirm the reason of delay, I rang up to the number which was given to call for any queries. They replied that for unknown reasons the results will be declared after fifteen days. Waiting for those fifteen days patiently was not easier; still the result did not come out.

After waiting for those many days, I took pain to call those people. I got the reply that they might be declaring it in the month of May 2015. The reason for delay is due to some technical errors. Then anticipation of the result in the month of May 2015 ended when the people assigned for the job to reply the queries did not answer to my phone calls. They ignored me and my co-authors’s e-mails also. It was the moment you feel cheated because you do not know where to go to lodge a complaint.

The month of May have already ended and we do not get any reply from the college. The sincerity and punctuality of the organising team can be inferred. The most interesting part is, the college has come out again with a notification for another essay writing competition where as the result of the previous one is still awaited. The future of the result is not certain.

NUJS is still known for its good rank in Indian law schools which produce excellent law students with this level of carelessness and negligent attitude. The sad part of the situation is that I do not know the way how to complain and whom to approach with the problem. Still being a law student, I just cannot sit and wait for the result lifelong.

Thank You.
Badri Narayan Padhi (Participant in 2nd NUJS Environmental Law Essay Competition 2014-15)
BA.LLB (5th Year),
Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun.

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