NUJS Annual Cultural Fest OUTLAWED’15 , Jan 30- Feb 1, 2015




Since its inception in 2006, OUTLAWED has steadily grown into one of the largest and most anticipated cultural fests not just among the Indian law schools but also among other undergraduate colleges in Eastern India. A wide assortment of events like the Great Kolkata Race, the Group Dance, the NUJS Open Quiz, Masquerade: the Fashion Show, Baroque: the Western Vocals, Raaga: the Eastern Vocals, Spotlight: the Stage Play, the Turncoat Debate, and many more have drawn phenomenal participation year after year. This time, OUTLAWED ’15 promises to up the ante with the addition of brilliant new activities like Epic Rap Battles & Grand Charades. In the wintry evenings of the fest, students from across the country gather in festivity for Concerts by the who’s who of the Indian music scene. Over the last couple of years, NUJS has had the pleasure of hosting bands like Advaita, Junkyard Groove, Fire on Dawson, Raghu Dixit Project, Indus Creed, Dualist Inquiry, Pentagram and AGNEE. In short, Outlawed is a three day celebration of talent and creativity where youth from various parts of the country come together to compete, commend and connect with one another.

 In OUTLAWED ‘15, INFECTED MUSHROOM is expected to perform alongside other prominent artists like the MIDIVAL PUNDITZ, KARSH KALE COLLECTIV and INDIAN OCEAN. All our StarNites will be followed by sensational DJ NIGHTS which will go on till 3 in the night. We also have some excellent competitive events like the unique GREAT KOLKATA RACE, the Fashion Show, the Dance Project and the Open Quiz. Everyone at OUTLAWED ’15 will be a winner with the prize pool being increased to THREE TIMES the total PRIZE MONEY as last year.

Please find the official PRE-INVITE for OUTLAWED ’15 here