NLUO Journal on Competition Law and Policy: Call for Papers

Competition Law in India is still an evolving branch of law. To cope with the rapidity of technological and market changes and to deal
with future problems, it must be sufficiently flexible in character.
Hence, arises a need for a platform for discourse on competition law, policy and its interplay with allied fields which the NLUO Journal of Competition Law and Policy ( JCLP) aims to provide. This annual peer-reviewed journal is the first journal on Competition Law in India which shall be exclusively student-run under the aegis of the University.
This Journal also has the privilege of having distinguished legal luminaries and stalwarts in the field of Competition Law as advisors to the journal.

The Journal is currently soliciting contributions from academics, researchers, students, judges and practitioners, in the field of Competition law and practice for its first volume to be published in 2013. Scope of the Journal shall encompass themes including but not limited to Competition Law and Policy (historical, present or future perspectives), Interface between competition laws and allied fields ,Comparative Competition Policy and Internationalization of Competition law.


Submissions should be pertinent to the theme of the Journal.

Contributions are called under following categories:

  1. Articles [5000-8000 words]
  2. Essays and Notes [3000-5000 words]
  3. Legislative Comments and Case Comments [2000-4000 words]


However, submissions which do not fall under any of the heads mentioned, may be considered if found to be of sufficient merit.

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